The ultimate crap-hats?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Taz_786, Sep 20, 2008.

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  1. General Odierno presenting a few DFCs in Iraq (from his Wikipedia entry).

    Yee-haa! :D

  2. Is'nt that Colonel Kilgore from "Apocolypse Now"
  3. Taking you one step further in................................neck shaving. 8O
  4. First Cavalry Division. Honestly though, greatest headgear in the US Army.

    Same unit as Kilgore (notice what is known as the 'horse blanket' patch--aka 1st Cav Div--on their left arms):

  5. Should you really be throwing stones?




    British Commandos? :twisted:

  6. High and tight baby, high and tight!

    Not sure whats going on with the limp front and rear on them, is that the style?

    They're pretty cool and as Virgil points out, stones, houses and glass :wink:
  7. The guy giving them the medals looks like Death!!!

    I think this is a tradition in the 1st Cav, (well as close as America can get to a tradition in such a short space of time :) ) The Hats are worn for issueing other medals too, there was a picture of a British Major being awarded a medal in the US wearing such a beast. Can´t remember the medal but it wsa for services to infantry, comes in three flavours and their is even a "shield" award on similar lines to be given to civvies, esp the wives.
  8. That is Petraeus' successor General Odierno.
  9. If you look on the same (Odierno's) Wikipedia history or talk page of this entry you'll see I was just involved in the last 72 hours in a dust up with some Turk trying to change the entry with some idiotic anti-American drivel.
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Man on the right
    His necks cleaner shaven than his chin
  11. Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross?

  12. Did the Air Cav not trade their choppers in for armour? any way couple of pics to say the stetson rules.

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  13. Fcuk me, I don't know about the US Cavalry, but those pics certainly made my 'morale' rise a bit!
  14. Didn't the shoulder badge used to have a yellow background? I distinctly remember something about a horse they couldn't ride, a line they wouldn't cross, and the colour speaks for itself... :D
  15. And THAT, gentlemen, is why we fight.

    Bless their hearts...*sniff*