The ultimate camping accessory for girls?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. Spotted an interesting item for sale at a local supermarket. It's pictured at the bottom right of the link below:
    tilbudsavis uge - Læs ugens tilbudsaviser på

    Seemingly it's designed for women who don't want to do the whole squatting thing. I think it could have been improved immensely by shaping the spout bit like a giant penis. It would give it tremendous practical joke potential as well as making it a dual purpose item (urinary funnel/dildo)...... I may have to visit the patent office.

    Anyway, it's a rather odd item. Anyone seen one before?

  2. A she-wee? I'm pretty sure they've been around for years, the NAAFI in Welly Barracks used to sell them.
  3. I've got one on 2 foot of garden house attached to my S10 filter housing.
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  4. Some festival going females could do with an industrial sized pack of scented wet wipes, as they really do fucking stink when you hump them.
  5. I've got one and used it in the jungle in Belize - much to the amusement of the lads
  6. it's no good for shaking though as a little bit of piss can go down your leg if you don't wipe properly
  7. I wouldn't be without mine. And the flexible extender tube for use with cold weather gear is great for writing your name in the snow.
  8. Im sure there are women who practice standing up pissing without any device, experts can unbutton jeans and piss through the hole without getting their jeans wet, thats just showing off, but all women would love to piss without baring their arrse.

  9. My lass can use a shoe horn!

    That ferking plastic jobby would be handy for explosive shits in the field tho
  10. There was a girl in my squadron who was expert at it. Used to get some funny looks round the back of nightclubs for more than one reason.
  11. Why not just piss all over the floor and on the seat, like most blokes do?
  12. Plod coming down the alleyway to a group of techies pissing against the wall is a sight to behold when they clock one of them is a splitarse!!!

    They just walked off bewildered.
  13. Genius!

    You've just invented the Bwee!

  14. But one small lump of solid...? Instant blowback.