The ultimate ARRSE zippo-copy on e-bay

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by BaldricksBullet, Nov 25, 2006.

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  1. Just to make sure you've seen this... The ultimate ARRSE WALT zippo-copy is on ebay... so start bidding!

    It's a crappy lighter with the 49 Para Logo (Briliant idea.. well done that man) and Cpl Walter Smith engraved on the front... and an ARRSE potato head engraved on the back... starting at 99p!

    The perfect gift/award for that ARRSE Walter or for the ARRSEr with enough been-there-done-it-all to keep it as his own private joke.

    The ultimate ARRSE walt zippo-copy

    Have a look now... it won't be long before the MODs remove this post or bung it in with the never ending 49 Para story, never to be seen again.

    Oh and have a great weekend,- C
  2. I have a sneaking feeling that this might be one of your scams, Baldrick's Bullet! However, I might be wrong.

  3. One of my scams???

    as in??

    If it's because you couldn't find it... it's because it was removed by e-bay because Zippo complained that I used the term zippo-copy. I'm going to put it up again within the next hour.
  4. Thanks for re-listing it again
  5. More than welcome T34. Brilliant idea... made me laugh my socks off (now isn't that an odd phrase). We'll see how this goes... if 49 Para are here to stay, I might put it up on my site as a permenant logo... But for now this is a one-off. The waltiest lighter for the walt of all walts. :D
  6. I want it.....

    But I dont want to be ridiculed for buying it....
  7. seeing what charity is being supported i dont think you will be ridiculed.
  8. Don't worry MDJ - I don't think you will...

    The guy who carries this will know inside himself who he is... what he stands for and what he would do (or has done) for us all... if called upon(I hope).

    My rule no 1. Never be serious... it's dull.
    My rule no 2. Laugh at yourself before others get the chance.

    Best Regards,- C
  9. I have just bidded, you never know this could catch on!
  10. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Says its been removed, I want ititititit

    BTW my O Bty/49 zippo just raised £30 for the RBL who do I sent the £30 to mods ideally by paypal
  11. Love it where can I get one, then i can pull it out whilst on the that didnt sound right did it!!

    I mean get the zippo out and just swing lanterns all night.... "Sierra leone, yes mate i was there cant talk much about it though!! however what me and me SAS mates did that day would turn your hair grey"

    oooh i can just see em lapping it up!!

    You just can't get any decent 49 Para kit on e-bay any more! This lighter is the only thing left... Come on Chaps! Sell your crap!