The UK's Most Dangerous Roads

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Acid_Tin, Mar 9, 2005.

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  1. According to a 'major report', the list below details the UK's most dangerous roads.

    The full story is here

    1. A682 from Junction 13 on the M65 to Long Preston, North Yorkshire
    2. A54 Congleton in Cheshire to Buxton, Derbyshire
    3. A84 near Lochearnhead, central Scotland
    4. A59 Skipton to Harrogate, Yorkshire
    5. A53 Leek in Staffordshire to Buxton, Derbyshire
    6. A62 Oldham to Huddersfield
    7. A44 Leominster to Worcester
    8. A65 from Long Preston to Junction 36 on the M6
    9. A631 from Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, to the A1103.

    I note that they're nearly all in the North... :D
  2. So you don't want to be travelling to / from Long Preston then?! 8O
  3. Speaking as a biker, I'm amazed the Cat & Fiddle was only No 2.

    I'm guessing this doesn't include NI or the IoM, either - both of which have some pretty hotsy-totsy stretches of tarmac.
  4. Because as far as the roads dept are concerned, anywhere north of the liverpool is regarded as the darkland, where the scary northerners (and porridge gobblers) live. :D

    Seriously, There are NO motorways North of Perth in Scotland! 8O :D
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Also surprised not to see more of the roads on the North York Moors and the Lakes. At weekends they are always full of t*ssers on bikes doing stupid speeds and generally abusing all who get in their way.
  6. The A303 anywhere near the Countess roundabout, Amesbury at 6pm on any Friday in the summer. Never in automotive history have so many Volvos and caravans been sqeezed into such a small space.
  7. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Ah Speedy - caravans. Now don't get me started............

    Maybe you could squash one with one of those big trucks of yours.....!!!!
  8. The B657 with an AK-47!

    Can anyone better that?!
  9. Any road where there is a woman driver on is dangerous enough, either them or the chav boy racer's who think they are on a time trial for top gear!!
  10. Once saw a biker whose head had become permanently disassociated with his body on a road in Shropshire (the Corvedale I think). Talking to a plod at the scene I was told that dead bikers were quite common on that stretch of road. The bikers would go round blind bends often with their heads on the wrong side of the road and always seemed to be surprised to discover that oncoming traffic existed :roll: .

    Still, without bikers what would one do for flowers at short notice? :twisted:
  11. Mate - The Cat is the a537 - a54 is snake pass - i know because a, i live there, and b, im a biker as well

    I like the Cat's map with all the fatal crashes marked - The only people that frequent that lonely place are ramblers and Bikers - should be called the Slaughtered Lamb IMO

    Everyone say TL1000 rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! (with Yoshis) - (sorry im pissed - I'll get me coat)
  12. WTF is this doing in QM's & MT :?:

    OK I know it involves MOTORISED bloody TRANSPORT but I'm damn' sure not in the manner intended.

    Victor Meldrew mode OFF :x
  13. That road from Stranraer down towards the border, never travelled it without seeing an accident and almost been one myself on occasion.
  14. How about the 5 metre stretch of tarmac from my garage door to the road?

    My wife has twice driven into a parked car and I fell off my mountain bike and grazed my knee.

    Scary stuff!
  15. I PRESENT - THE MOST DANGEROUS ROAD (in joke form!)

    A piece of motorway and piece of dual carriage way are enjoying a drink in the pub. In walks a piece of red tarmac. The bit of motorway whispers to the bit of carrageway "Come on lets drink up and go before the trouble starts; He's a bit of a cyclepath!"