The UK Unslaver and the Free Left

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jaizi, May 29, 2005.

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  1. I took a look at the election posters. It seems on the whole you love New Labour nearly as much as I do. I thought you might be interested in the following
    The UK UNSLAVER exists to print every story submitted to it in which authority, bureaucracy, corrupt law, 'The System' or just blinking idiots infringe individual liberty. Operating under the umbrella of, it offers a Web-wide audience to those stories demanding imbecilic, corrupt and possibly treasonous law be changed.
    The FREE LEFT represents the core of sanity and decency in the Labour Movement and stands for what a C21st post-Marx Labour Party ought to be standing for but notoriously does not.
    UNSLAVER.COM is a new global initiative aiming to bringing together disparate movements and causes in a common defence of liberty.

    The forum has only been in existence for about three hours, so you will not find it pulsating with the cut and thrust of debate, but by all means start cutting and thrusting.
  2. Interesting. All sounds a bit 'Third Way' so far. And calling yourself a 'global initiative' is a bit ambitious. Are you a sociology student?
  3. Civil liberties and rights are all well and good but personally I think more people need reminding that with those rights and liberties comes responsibility.

    When more people take that responsibility then more of their liberties will be preseved. The more liberties and rights people have the more some members of all populations take the p1ss, you only have to see the state of the education system to know that this is true, pupils now run schools ('because we have rights you know') rather than the school management.

  4. I just love the way that the Left's idea of civil liberties doesn't extend to the right to make as much money as you possibly can, and yet extends the right to receive other people's money to those who don't want to work... :roll:
  5. Ho ho ho. This bloke has clearly been reading "Subversion for Beginners."

    I don't think the Left understand the average squaddie's tendency for cynicism...they confuse it with potentially useful disaffection.

    I say ignore them.

  6. Those damn communists :evil: