"The UK Servicewomens Guide To Health and Performance"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jimnicebutdim, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. I'm currently on sunshine tour in the desert and noticed a big stack of these books left in our smoking area. If you haven't seen them it's a glossy A5 handbook of about 130 pages, full of medical advice. Only about a third of it relates only to women.

    Now, i don't know if it's me, but this really pissed me off for a few reasons.

    1) Why is it a servicewomans guide. Surely in todays equal society it should be a service persons guide? We can get fcuked for cracking sexist jokes nowadays opr even expressing a view that there are differences between the sexes, yet the powers that are allowed to produce this tosh that (although a decent health handbook) is aimed at a minority of the military? What next The UK Black Servicepersons Guide, or the UK Glasses-wearing Servicetransgender's Guide?

    2) What a waste of money. In todays climate there is not enough to go round, yet the MOD insists on throwing away large amounts of cash on this tripe. There were at leat 20 copies of this book lying around, in this one smoking area alon. No doubt there will be another 20 in the bar :wink: , a couple of hundred in the med cabin, all for a det where there are about 30 women. I'd imagine this waste is repeated throughout the forces.

    3) It's balls :evil: !!!

    Now, if anyone can prove to me that this is a good idea, i'll apologise, and shut up. But in the meantime someone in Main Building should be done for this sexist and discriminator gross waste of budget!!! :x
  2. Clearly not, if it's a ServiceWomens' Guide....
  3. Are you still packing yours, or are they in a jar on your mantlepiece?
  4. 3 minutes? Slacking there Woopert!
  5. Shhhh, you're not being inclusive...
  6. Sorry about that, am I excluding minority groups by my comments. Oh well looks like I'll be off to the EO Gulag shortly.

    This whole attitude grips my sh1t. Surely the best way to exclude discrimination of any group, is to stop official discrimination :roll:

    All this book is saying is "Servicewomen are more valuable than servicemen. We'll make a special book to show the world how much we care about women. Next we'll make special books for all service personal of an Afro-Caribbian descent, then all Sikh squaddies."

    I just can't understand why it's needed.