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It's an honourable sentiment, but what is a big 'British Company' these days?

Sainsbury's is my best guess. I think it's still family owned by Brits.

Anything listed on the stock exchange can sell shares to anyone. Think of al the 'iconic' British brands you can name; who owns them? Private shareholders and investment groups from anywhere and everywhere.
According to wiki the Sainsbury family owned about 15% of the company, the Qatari Royal family owned 25%. Its also listed on the stock exchange.
John Lewis belongs to its staff which are mainly British.
Thanks, I stand corrected, I'm living in the past.

A long time back ,during business studies A level (pre-war), I was told it was one of the last family owned companies, guess things have changed.
Well, it's a rather more colourful and imaginative excuse than the standard 'leaves on the line'.

'Helium-filled balloons have been blamed for causing hundreds of train delays for passengers across the UK each year. Network Rail wants to highlight what it says is a growing problem. The rail infrastructure firm has recorded 619 balloon-related incidents - many dangerous - across England, Scotland and Wales in the past year.'

Helium balloons blamed for train delays


So, We can sell of our rail infrastructure so other governments can buy it up and inflate our prices to make sure their publicly owned rail networks can operate at cost effectiveness and higher standard for their people while ours is in turmoil and buckling under pressure.
Not quite, the staff and rolling stock is UK, the banks through leasing companies finance the stock, the staff are UK based and the train companies are registered here. If they are major shareholders in the Eu then that is legal, nothing to stop us doing it back to them. However none of the infrastructure is foreign owned. Some is foreign built or designed thanks to OJEU but its all owned by UK taxpayers through NR!
Then you would be wrong
Yes but it was her idea
No it was a civil servants idea!
As a side note, How much foreign infrastructure does the british tax payer own and how does it help keep our prices down?
I worked on the Rail....Maggie sold all the rail stock off to the banks at a 1% of the true value. All those trains you travel in are owned by the banks (expect Virgin). They are leased to the various franchisees, the rail companies also have to pay the government money....and we wonder why the prices are so high...
The rolling stock that was handed over to the rosco's to lease back to the TOC's was trash. They could raise some revenue through leasing (Porterbrook) but ended up having to buy in new stock within a few years.

You aren't wrong about privatising the railways being wrong, you are just wrong about the privatised railway, the govts that could have changed things only they made it worse and just about everything about the railway you are wrong about!
I have notched up 30 years, the first 5 in BR in the best performing area, NSE the only business to hand over its infrastructure on privatisation with no condition of infrastructure speed restrictions and that actually turned a profit. For those last five years we were warned we would lose the public service obligation grant because we were too efficient.
The railway we have now is more efficient and competitive (horrible phrase) than it has been since Victorian times.
You get the railway you pay for. If you voted Tory to keep John Major in Office and complain about the railway then its tough!
Yes we pay more per mile here than in Europe. you are paying big business leader big business leader salaries. Thats because they are leading big businesses with shareholders unlike NR who are lead in general by a bunch of short sighted cun ts!


Oh and the TSSA are a bunch of useless tossers, all of them management arse kissers looking to become managers!
That's what's wonderful about Arrse; a thread dormant for 2 years gets activated again, and someone decides to take a bunch of people who've now probably completely forgotten what they wrote, or why, to task.:D

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