The UK may expel Russian diplomats

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jul 12, 2007.

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  1. The UK must declare war to Russia

  2. Diplomatic relations shoud be broken

  3. Absolutely support

  4. Rather support

  5. No but the UK shoud do something

  6. No because the UK would not extratict own citizen in similar situation


    Btw, the UK didn't demand extradiction of the killers of British citizens in Israel and didn't threat to expell Israeli diplomats.
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Sergey - send me your address and I will post you several rolls of top quality silver kitchen foil for a new hat....
  3. I doubt this will go to a full blown diplomatic crisis... at least I hope not.
  4. It's just tough-talk rhetoric. The UK-Russia relationship is worth more than catching the killer(s) of another Russian ex-agent. It won't happen.
  5. Sergey, we really can't tolerate you sending your chaps over here to bump off people that you dont like without asking first. It's just not cricket.
    Now hand over the chief suspect in our investigation and cooperate please or else you force us into a corner where we need to discipline you in this way.
    Alexander Litvinenko died a horrid death and our authorities want to interview a suspect over his death- so why wouldn't you cooperate?
    What exactly are you afraid of?
    By refusing to hand him over one could be forgiven for imagining this was a state sponsored assassination.
    What would you have us do Sergey? Let the matter drop?! :D
  6. Thank you for the proposition Alsacien. Russia is one of the biggest producers of Aluminium. Inexpensive kitchen foil is in every supermarket. My wife frequently using it for cooking.

    Btw, I use to listen to BBC-Russian in my car on a way to my office. Today this question was held: what is your reaction and comments to this news?

    I said that the UK didn't demand the extradiction of killers of British citizens in Israel (cameraman Miller for example) didn't threat to expell Israeli diplomats.
  7. One aspect of this case that annoys me is that the KGB, NKVD, FSB, or whatever acronym they use these days were pretty sneaky and professional folks. Why on Earth would they use a toxin only made in Russia and leave an easily traced trail to the Kremlin? Too darned convenient...
  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Feel free to invite me around for dinner next time I am in Moscow.

    Its all a bit of political chess playing right now, not to be taken seriously. UK has firm rules on extraditing people (eg to countries with death penalties - even our "friends" the USA), and therefore, would logically respect other countries positions on similiar issues.
  9. Some British diplomats were spotted in Moscow probably playing cricket (but using stones insted of balls). Btw, no one diplomat was extradicted.

    Suspect. So present all facts to Russian court. why so called 'proof' is so secret?

    Russian authorities wish to cooperate but not in the form of extradiction. It is unacceptable, contadicts to Russian constitution. Mr.Lugovoy could appeal to European Court for Human rights in the case of extradiction.

    I propose to investigate the case, to transfer all facts to Russian justice and during open trial with participation of British side it would be possible to reach lawfull decision. It is the only right way.
  10. Russian justice.... I thought that was a trip to the woods and a bullet in the back of the head, or better yet a camp experience in a gulag in Siberia... 8) Actually I like the idea for certain elements of society, you get them off the streets and give them something productive to do.... 8O
    However if I were a Soveit er I mean Roosian, I would have killed the bugger with a Big Mac, let him choke on the saturated fat in that massive weapon... :wink: Then I would say it was the Evil American Empire that did it, and our next action will be to slowly posion the Russian nation with Trans Fatty acids, Snickers bars, and BUD LIGHT. :twisted:
    Anything else that I missed Sergey... :?
  11. Wow you have a long memory or are hunting for a point to this,2763,948548,00.html

    This is on israeli soil, not ours, so its their law, so again what was the point in that ?
  12. oh and nice poll, biased against the russian's, whats the point in a poll ?
  13. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    To be fair, 26 US citizens who are CIA agents and who whisked a Moslem (thought to be connected with AQ) via Italy were on trial in Italy in absentia.

    The US did not allow its agents to face the court!
  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Would that be the fair, honest, transparent Russian justice system thay cant be bought from below or coerced from above? Yeah, that one. It works really well. Ask Khodorkovsky.
  15. Hate to say it, but i have to agree with Sergey here - the US did not agree to extradition, neither would Israel.

    I really doubt if Russia were requesting us to extradite a terrorist (i forget the name of the Chechen leader living in London), the UK Govt would (probably) not agree.

    Plus, on the traceability of the toxins, it was either a very clear message that the russians wanted to send, so someone playing silly buggers. The glow in the dark stuff could also have come from Ukraine or Georgia etc etc.