The UK is hotter than the Med, what will you be looking at today..?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by heard_it_all_before, Apr 22, 2011.

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  1. Unfortunately my view from the shop window will mostly be obscurred by this....

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  2. Are they eating salad?
  3. I think you will find its a full Christmas dinner in a tuperware tub.
  4. Do Ginsters do salad?
  5. Yes. Smothered in cheese, salad cream, mayonnaise, crispy-fried chicken bites and probably Maltesers as well. They're dieting for the holiday in Magaluf, innit?

    It's still a bit gray up here, but in any case I'm looking at an afternoon of entertaining small children since it's the twins' birthday today. Now that I think about it, there's probably some mileage in an Easter joke linking twins with 'second coming'.
  6. I will be awaiting the nice man from sony to deliver my new 3D telly.... which I managed to get the wife to buy.

    Cheers easy.
  7. Is that so that you can get a better angle and view on all that lard...
  8. Check out the tat and ankle bracelet that just shouts sexy around the elephantiasis right tree-trunk on the one in blue.

    A delusional's waste of earths resources in so many ways.
  9. On a fat girls DO provide shade for small kids and old folks if you can cope with the stench of Stilton soaked in the sweat of an Arab camel riders crotch.
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  10. GOD you make it sound so attractive XXX
  11. Those "flip flops" the one with the shorts is wearing were platform shoes last week. :nod:

    Fair play though, sitting on that arrse must be like sitting on a big wobbly beanbag. Comfy!

    Edited to add: I'm at work and it's a beautiful day as well, so Im looking at other hairy arsed sweaty squaddies that are as pissed off as me with being at work. Good Friday? Easter? I shit it! Fuck yer bible bashing Jesus worshipping shite holiday!

  12. Fat fuckers should be beaten on the hour every hour.
  13. I was due to kick off two fucking months leave, starting with a few big bank holiday weekends.

    That has now been knocked on the head by some spinless office dwelling cunts who forget its the manpower that make the money. FUCKING WEEVILS, no doubt sat out drinking pimms. FUCKING choke on it you worthless skin bags of shit, GET CANCER AND DIE SLOW
  14. Well, as it's only the small kids who will be the recipients of that wonderful aroma via your teeny summer dress and utility tent like thong, I'm in.

    Oh but I would though......:)
  15. What I meant to say was I will be spending my time looking out of this


    Having lost the fucking will to live

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