The UK has the most well-mannered, genuine people

To be honest I think you'd struggle to find a more well-mannered and up-front country than the UK. In restaurants the bill is always correct, shops rarely purposely try to short-change you and if you have a complaint the customer is always right.

In my travels, I have found in most other countries the opposite is true. People are not well-mannered, they shout, they can't queue, they try to over-charge you, they try to short-change you, and if you have a complaint, often the people in the shop get aggressive with you and gang up on you. Abroad, the customer is generally wrong and you, the insignificant customer must accept that.

I recall an event in Turkey where I was over-charged in a restaurant, I argued my case and I had the whole restaurant staff gang-up on me basically saying "pay up if you value your well-being". I stood firm and got them to amend the bill in the end, but they tried their hardest to intimidate me into paying up. This would have never have happened in the UK yet is rather common place in Turkey and in other countries.

I've also had similar run-ins in restaurants and shops in countries such as Morocco, Tunisia and even Spain where the staff have got nasty over a complaint of over-charging. They absolutely HATE to be caught out and turn on you if you do catch them.

On the whole I think you'd struggle to find a country with more mild-mannered, genuine, trust-worthy people than the UK.
"So do I and with a smigeon of salad cream on them."

Personally I prefer Mayo and just a hint of tartar sauce, failing that a splash of vinegar
Lemon juice, freshly squeezed not that stuff out of the plastic lemon though.
Cheese Hamwich Sandwiches, they are the Sandwich of Kings.
Oh dear, WTF?..Our hymn this morning is "Go find ye the Lord" from New Every Morning.......all together now, a one, a one, two, three, four
Another poignant and well needed thread from Matematik.. Well done sir, well done.
Toasted ham and cheese sandwich with pickle, check your change though.

I have never been lied to, short changed, or served Sainsbury's scotch from a Glenmorangie bottle, in this country.

The cheque is in the post,
I won't tell anybody about this
I won't come in your mouth.


Book Reviewer
That's all very well but what sort of sandwiches do you like?
Should a whim tower near an extreme grandmother? The orchestra discriminates? My disaster sighs! The countryside worms an inquiring sentient. Will the salary strike an everyday pain?

... and when will the smigeons come home to roost?
That's all very well but what sort of sandwiches do you like?
Chicken, beetroot (pickled type) and tomato ketchup between two slices of white bread and proper butter. Alternatively tayto crisps between two slices of white bread and proper butter. Num num num

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