The UK/European migrant problem

You'd probably explode with anger if you found out what the Germans do for refugees...
Nope. Their problem, and their taxpayers. Mutti wanted then all in, and the German snowflakes welcomed it, so on their heads be it. Not turning out too well, is it?.

Couldn't give a tinker's cuss. As said, their country.

Just so long as they don't start coming here and expecting the same handouts.
I wish we could
The snowflakes wouldn't like that. What with Cherie's Human Rights Act protecting scum that can only very loosely be called 'human'.

BoJo and Priti need to be dismantling this after Brexit.
I wish we could
The way this arrogant little gang of scum were bragging on "social" media on how they will never get caught makes one want to puke.

The longest sentence handed down was just over 8 years, meaning all will be out within 5 years and most likely resuming where they left off in the narcotics supply business..

All 7 of these should be hung on a gibbit outside Paddington station, where they were operating for a week with their little "social" media boast playing on a continuous loop as a warning to other scum inclined to do the same thing.


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I notice they did not put any comments about their new life from the drug dealers, suicide bombers and rapists.
Apparently they're all doctors, engineers and scientists?
How annoying for some when it turns out they're just ordinary people getting on with their lives.


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