The UK/European migrant problem

It was actually booked by the dead footballer I think.
You don't expect me to remember his name do you?
I'm still trying to figure out what Swansea has to do with a dead footballer. Maybe it's Scotland, whose football team is dead?
Jamie Adams, defending Osman, said: ‘He is an uneducated man, he was a shepherd in his own country, the Sudan. ‘He had never experienced the kind of immorality he experienced in coming here and was evident in this particular area of Newcastle.

Read more: Asylum seeker blames 'immorality' of Newcastle for sex attack | Metro News
Simple question, from the wife would he have done this in his own country?

The answer being, no, the rest being bolloxx the book should be thrown.
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Seems that 108 illegal immigrants have hijacked a tanker called the Elhiblu1 that stopped to pick them up off the coast of Libya. Things got a bit lairy on board when the boat was going to take them back to Libya. The Italian PM has called them pirates and has refused to let them go to Italy, same goes for Malta. Newswire published the following photo.

so take over ship.jpg

Weapons free anyone? Even the UN are allowed to shoot pirates or is that still not on?

At least one good thing may come of this and that is a stop on ships picking up these illegals.
Does health and safety of the crew overrule SOLAS? I would hope so, interesting times ahead.

Hopefully in the case of the hijacked tanker all the crew will be freed and all hijackers terminated.

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