The UK/European migrant problem

The UK government doesn't allow polygamous marriage, but accepts it if it took place in a country where it is legal.

No prizes for guessing what sort of country that may be.
Nope - anyone woman attempting to enter the UK as the second wife is generally refused a visa.
There may be individual examples that buck the trend, but usually they are very enthusiastically told to do one.
If it is an EEA citizen and a non-EEA partner the legislation used is based on a Dutch decision IIRC.

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Show us the 'not allowed' part in practice where a Muslim man has been charged for having multiple wives.

The source and proof is - thousands of Muslim men living freely and unchallenged all over the UK with multiple wives (I know one personally). I recall a Channel 4 documentary stating about 90% of Mosques do not bother to register Muslim marriages under Civil Law and 1 tenth of all Muslim marriages are polygamous.

When Muslim men present any one of these women in day to day living as his wife this is unchalleneged and the marriage is generally recognised and respected in the UK, and when each of those women states that they are married to a particular Muslim man it is not questioned as to how many other women are also married to him.

The marriage only falls apart legally when it comes to divorce and the polygamous wives are not legally entitled to what other women who register their marriages are.

Also - a quick trip to Pakistan or Saudi, Somalia or some other Muslim country by a Muslim man who meets a young girl (mostly pre-arranged) and all of a sudden she is a child-bride living in Bradford with a man already married to another Muslim wife.

Show me one instance of where a Muslim man has been convicted of bigamy in the UK.

Tens of thousands of Muslim men in the UK are openl;y practicing bigamy with multiple wives - that is a fact, show us where they don't get away with it.
I know for a fact that the immigration services refuse entry to women who are anything other than the ‘prime’ wife where the relationship is being used as the basis of entry. Any hint that a marriage is not legit (or that a previous marriage was not legitimately ended) is refused for entry.

Also as you said - their relationships are not recognised in the UK legally. If an Imam marries several women to a bloke then it is not going to be flagged as nobody notices - it isn’t legally registered. People tend not to question if they are one of several wifes when a woman is introduced as a wife - because nobody asks. Nobody asked if my (now ex) wife was one of several because, well just because.

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YES - they get extra benefits for their extra wives - a Muslim man may have many wives and we as British tax-payers fund each of his extra wives extra money.

The benefits for all of the Muslim man's wives can be paid into the husbands bank account.

Obviously a non-Muslim man in the UK would be facing 7 years in jail and the rest, for trying to pull the same stunt.
Sorry but I’m calling BS on this.

We may be soft as shite in the UK but unless you have sources that you can claim benefits for multiple wives then I think this is Daily Mail level of absurdity.
And even the DM acknowledges that multiple wives are not formally recognised in terms of benefits.

Men with more than one wife will get extra benefits under new rules | Daily Mail Online

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The UK government doesn't allow polygamous marriage, but accepts it if it took place in a country where it is legal.

No prizes for guessing what sort of country that may be.
I stand corrected - I do know however that if a ‘European’ (by which I mean someone with a European who is in possession of an EU passport, even if he has never stepped foot in Europe) tries that trick he is sent packing.
One wife only in Europe

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Meanwhile more examples of cultural enrichment are dealt with by the courts,

Two jailed for 'birthday' rape

And again, why no deportation orders?
First they are EU citizens. Second what's the rush? They're not going to go into hiding for quite some time.
Dare I mention the B word? Post B their status and therefore the ease with which they can be disposed of may change to their disadvantage. Relax, let them stew a while.
Amazon delivery driver walked off with pedigree miniature Schnauzer | Daily Mail Online

His manager ended up going to his home where he found and the dog then reported Pislea to the police.
The thief then said he found the dog about a mile from the house, and did not realise it was the same one that his manager had asked him about.
Pislea, of no fixed address, denied stealing the dog.
Very interesting.
The missus was walking our mini schnauzer the other day and a group of young men of a dusky hue took an interest in him. she left them pretty sharpish after they were heard to say "They're worth a lot of money aren't they?"

Suffice to say we never leave him tied up outside a shop.

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