The UK/European migrant problem

Bill them. Name them.

Charge them. Some sort of obstructing offence?

And from now on just deport folk on private planes. Store them up somewhere until we have enough. Might get a discount for having no food or stewards.
It was stopped by bedwetting leftwing SJW snowflakes to save costs.

Sorry, I mean the Tories.

Grr. Or something.
You'd never heard of it until I labeled you with it, now you don't stop posting it, as well as obsessively pouring over my old posts.

Sad grandad, very sad.
Anyone seen any loose handbags hanging around?
Oh I am sorry for not being the one to collect the metrics on this for you. Perhaps you could ask the person who decided that these children were children.

From a far left paper too.

Home Office reveals two thirds of disputed 'child refugees' are adults

If they cant even tell that 2/3´s of them are adults then how do you expect the same idiots to determine if they are genuine asylum seekers or economic migrants or something else?

7% is a generous estimate.

I know people who work in Child Protection in Kent who say massive resources are being wasted on these mostly Muslim Men because they are obliged to care for them unless they can actually prove that they are not children - and without any documentation or family history that is easier said than done, and they are given the benefit of any doubt and treated as kids even if they have a hairier arse than Big Phil Campion.

In the meantime genuine kids who have been under supervision for years are not receiving the attention they deserve, and new cases concerning genine kids British kids who we know are kids due to their birth registrations, documentation and family history are waiting far too long for help as these men of fighting age who have jumped out of the back of a truck in blighty are given priority treatement - so they all receive health checks, free medical care and are all homed with foster families and living it up in their new host country at the expense of the British Tax-Payer.

It's wrong, totally wrong but Child Protection Services across the country are afraid to challenge these 'children' as being adults incase the Lefties jump on them for not treating any one of these mostly Muslim Migrants as a child - even if they are obvious to many as being men.

These scumbags have never paid a penny into our system yet reap all the benefits, and British kids who's families are in many cases working class and have paid their taxes are not receiving the treatment they should be as our resources are supporting these 'desperate' mostly Muslim Men of fighting age posing as children.

The Left have alot to answer for, and are not doing this country or it's people any favours.
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You're missing the point, they are playing with mobile phones, they must have stolen them, or bought them with the profits of drugs, cut-pursing and white slavery.
The BDA is quoted in the Indie article as saying that it would be unethical to carry out dental checks. Surely it would be more unethical not to, seeing as it's highly unlikely that any of the menkids have ever had a dental check and may be in urgent need of treatment.

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