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The UK/European migrant problem

How can you look this human being in the eyes and send her back to die in civil war in Syria?

Then ask the Syrians why they are breaching the UN convention on Human Rights and why they should be absolved of their responsibility as a so called civilised society. Why should Finland pick up the tab? Or is she an economic migrant
Sorry lads I should have added a huge sarcasm bracket on to that. I CGAF if she was mistakenly harpooned after capsizing in the Baltic tbh.
Well the long awaited EU summit on immigration is in progress and its er not looking good. One of the blue sky ideas was immigrant reception centres, to determine who was a genuine asylum seeker and who to chuck back, so far not unsurprisingly country has stepped forward.

Junkers plan for a larger EU border force has fallen on stony ground as countries quite rightly dont want to hand over borders to the EU and lose more control to the EU as it pushes for more powers.

EU push to clean up migration mess only makes it messier
I don’t care whether she is or isn’t.

I just don’t agree with your point that being born somewhere definatively makes you culturally and/or legally a member of that nation by default.
Super. Have a biscuit.

I was attempting to establish the reasoning behind the poster just putting her picture on here.

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