The UK/European migrant problem

Become a world pariah and hand our enemies enough propaganda to last into the next century...

They kicked the French out of the EU and made and international pariah for sinking the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior
I'm not the one posting tiktok as a credible news outlet. It's the second time, he has posted that video, along with several others.
You haven't watched it, have you mong?
It's OK, 30,000 is just a 'small number'.
It is but all the cheap hotels are full. My bit on the side isn't worth a expensive hotel.
Back to the car it is
They kicked the French out of the EU and made and international pariah for sinking the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior
Are you sure?


‘Citizen journalist’.?

is that proper Engerland code for unemployed?



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sigh…… those pesky treaties we’ve signed up to.

Search-and-rescue (SAR) services throughout the world largely depend on international shipping to assist anyone in distress at sea.
Nowadays, distress signals can be rapidly transmitted by satellite and terrestrial communication techniques both to search-and-rescue authorities ashore, and to ships in the immediate vicinity. The rescue operation can be swift and coordinated.
Nonetheless, rescue and disembarkation to a place of safety are complex operations involving a range of actors, each of which has particular obligations under international maritime law, as well as other bodies of international law such as refugee and human rights law.
Even when the rescue has been accomplished, problems can arise in securing the agreement of States to the disembarkation of migrants and refugees. Recognizing this problem, member States of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted amendments to two
of the relevant maritime conventions in 2004.1 Just as Masters have an obligation to render assistance, Member States have a complementary obligation to coordinate and cooperate so that persons rescued at sea are disembarked in a place of safety as soon as possible’.
They don't seem to be in distress until the French have escorted them into UK waters, we just need to stay in dock until called out by a distress call, not loiter around the area with a fkin big "welcome" sign!

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Gen question - why is it that the Gulf States didn't take one single asylum seeker from the Syrian war? If people did try and go there they certainly wouldn't be let in. Why then do we have to?

When it was still kicking off in 5-6 years ago I saw yet another 'still more are travelling across Europe' Daily Mail article. I distinctly remember it containing an official comment from the UAE, their stance being "oh we can't take them THEY MIGHT BE TERRORISTS".

Fμcking cunce.


They don't seem to be in distress until the French have escorted them into UK waters, we just need to stay in dock until called out by a distress call, not loiter around the area with a fkin big "welcome" sign!

Alas, it’s that old pesky SOLAS again…

If we are aware there is a risk of danger to life, we are required to deploy SAR assets to provide rescue and and passage to a place of safety.

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No mate, go back to page 110 of this very thread and post number 2,189 on 2.11.2016
This is why but just to precis it down a bit

This and the all important Arab League (remember them?)
What are/were they doing for brother Arabs?

Road distances from Aleppo to Kuwait = 1691 kms, but 4,100 to Calais.
" " " Qatar = 2300 " but 4,100 to Calais
" " " Jeddah = 2019 " but 4,100 to Calais
" " " Riyadh = 1934 " but 4,100 to Calais
For Frankfurt deduct 600 kms.
For Stockholm add 640 kms.
Driving Distance Between Cities - Mileage Calculator

What on earth can drag them (without wild horses) 4,100 kms away from the right to wear burkas, sharia law and many brother fellow Arab states full of bountiful generosity to want to live here among us infidels?
And give a total stranger en route circa €5000+ each for the privilege?
Not very Islamic after all is it?

You may have just answered your own question.

Yep. In a similar vein you could also add to that list the distance from Sudan to Oz as I know they took in a lot in years gone by. Not sure what the cultural/historic connections are from Oz to that part of the world to warrant that diaspora maybe George Clooney has a big fanbase over there? I suspect bleeding heart lefties might've had something to do with it though. Maybe the Ozzies on here can clarify but I get the impression they've made generally a net negative contribution to society there? Actually don't bother...

Sudanese Australians have significant over-representation in many of Australia's crime statistics. Despite making up 0.16% of the total population of the state of Victoria, Sudanese-born offenders made up 7% of individuals charged in home invasions, 6% of those in car theft offenses and 14% of individuals charged with aggravated robbery offenses in 2016. Australians born in Sudan also had the highest imprisonment rate of any immigrant group in Australia, with imprisonment rates at nearly three times the Australian average in 2014. Sudanese-born offenders continue to be significantly over-represented in crime statistics; in 2018 they were by far the immigrant group with the highest offending rate in the state of Victoria, relative to their population size.

Oh well. It could be worse; they could be from Somalia.

Anyway, re: gulf states; I think as well as many of you probably already well know that these are tiny states with small native populations who largely claim dole off the oil or gas money (there is such a thing as 'free money' in Qatar - and Libya back in the Gaddafi days) and where foreigners do the jobs, be that white collar or slave labour. I know they've been trying to change it and be more self-sufficient but I think that's still the consensus. Before Salman showed up I think around 2/3 of Saudis had public sector jobs, many of whom never even bothered turning up.

One may posit it then that they could actually afford to take in a lot of migrants that have a shared religion/culture and sit around on their arse like the natives do.
Alas, it’s that old pesky SOLAS again…

I'm not up to speed on SOLAS and have no intention of hitting google

But does SOLAS not apply to legitimate seafarers rather than illegal aliens, committing illegal acts, by paying illegal people smugglers in an attempt to illegally enter a Country ?

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