The UK/European migrant problem

My lefty mate is currently losing his mind over on Facebook over this



Two success stories now .....Great .
And I've got no doubt that there are many more that we don't hear about in the same way we don't hear about anything that's not out of the ordinary - only the things that are.
He, like I, may not have the solution to the problem.

But I think it is fair to point out that acting unlawfully, or illegally is not the answer.

Neither is ‘change the law’ when there is no real chance that doing so will have any chance of success.

ETA: a lot of the commentary on here is of the same standard as the pub moron in the 80’s proclaiming that the solution to the troubles in NI was to “just round up all the terrorists and machine gun them, that’s what I’d do!”
It might have worked
Claiming benefits and scamming to send money home is common to 'new'EU (as was) &'s what most want to do, with the distant prospect of maybe settling in future. EDIT: i.e. what drew 'huddled masses' from Europe to USA.
There are always the types that rock up, get three women pregnant as 'anchors/rob a bank/drugs straight away, but there are less of them

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