The UK/European migrant problem

Number of migrants crossing English Channel tops 5,000 this year after another 100 people were picked up by Border Force trying to reach UK​

"Despite efforts from the Home Office"?

Highly amusing.


Good news for migrants...

Flying ferries will soon whizz passengers across Channel in just 40 minutes
Hopefully these will be used for the speedy return trips to send them back to war torn France .
Odd, the photographs they use of the asylum seekers are all males and muslim-looking. When did Glasgow become so tolerant?
When it became the third world?


Book Reviewer
Lives in a town near Germany
Short trip to Germany and we all know there a couple of well worn routes from Germany to the Channel Ports
Indeed there are, but they might be hampered by the lack of Stollys in Germany these days.
It's only Catholics and Protestants we hate (depending which group we are to start with)
And the English . . . doesn't matter from which side of the sectarian divide you hail . . . the English are hated by everyone !!

Of course, something which WILL BE demonstrated, when it comes to football ;) .

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