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The UK/European migrant problem

How come Germany can do all these deportations and this country mostly can't ?
It has taken considerable time to deport anyone back to Afghanistan, because it is or was considered to be a war zone and deportation was therefore not permissable. However the Fed Govt declared Afghanistan to be safe as it's no longer a war zone (don't tell me I know). There are still shed loads of people who should be deported but they have either disappeared or their lawyers are putting up all manner of arguments against it.
Still as Tesco said, every little helps.


Pleased to hear what? That a recipient of disability benefits doesn't see a penny of it, yet the family get free road tax or even a car, extension to their home (which if they own they get to keep the profit if/when they sell) and once that kid hits 18, certain responsibilities have to be dispensed with.
Pleased about all of it . The kid who I have once met seemed perfectly normal to me . For Norfolk anyway . The elder daughter I can't remember if I have met her but I know people who are in touch with her and the mother . Less said about her the better , not exactly a nice person .
Distant family in a way . Related to one of my Son in Laws .
Someone I am aware of round here gets that for keeping her younger brother with autism entertained . (she's 16)
Don't know why she gets that payment and not the mother but I suspect the mother is already on the top rate of payments and can't access any more .
They quite openly boast that the payment is put into a bank account and every year they have a nice holiday in Spain or Portugal on the proceeds .
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There are two methods of wiping your arse.

The western way is to smear shit all over your arse with paper and pull your pants up

The middle eastern way is to use the handy container of water/bum gun smear watery shit all over your arse with your hands and pull your pants up.

Updated for accuracy.
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Third World useless sorts must be taught that their future lies back in the Third World.
How many more of them must end up dead in places where they have no right to be before we are not going to any more?

No welfare handouts available in the Third World.
Not a British problem.
Time we shrugged of the parasites.
At the moment we have some ridiculous laws that protect the leeches,but that will be changed.

Changes cannot come too soon. Patel has been promising changes for a long while.

Time she walked the walk, rather than keep talking the talk.