The UK Eurofighter the aircraft with a gun that cannot fire.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Aug 13, 2004.

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  1. Out dated and old design. Should have been binned 10 years ago. Bit like everything else in the precurement system then!
  2. This is a typical example of people who don't have frontline experience championing technology over reality. If Typhoon is supposed to be all-singing-all-dancing, then a gun would be pretty useful for close-support missions against ground targets. You can't always use a missile to solve problems. And who's going to expend a warhead worth tens of thousands of pounds on say, a "technical" pick-up truck with a mortar base-plate in the back? Brassing up such targets with cannon fire is a lot more cost-effective. It also(and I speak as one who has cowered in terror under air attack)has a hell of an impact on the opposition's morale at the receiving end.
  3. The airborne SA 80?
  4. Typical of this government and the MoD under TCHs guidance.

    Remember all these fick ups come polling day next year :evil:
  5. Now Typhoon is supposed to be replacing Jaguar as well isn't it?

    Seem to remember 6 and 41? Sqdn Jaguars gunning up lots of targets during Granby, so Cannon on aircraft must be useful, hence the reason the Americans hang them on all their fighters.

    But I'm sure TCH knows better.

    Maybe our 2 winged lurkers can give us a case for gun/no gun on Eurofighter ?
  6. I see the Eurofighter everyday (my house is under the flight path the the BAE plant at Warton. The capabilities of this aircraft are far in advance of anything the RAF currently posseses, and I iften get to talk to RAF Pilots undergoing Typhoon conversion at the Warton plant, all of who have nothing but praise for the aircraft. I also get to see it low flying in the lakes and doing manovers over the Ribble esturyand all I can say is that it is possibly one of the most manoverable and powerful planes in the air today. As for the cannon, if memory serves correct it was left out my the civil servents in procurment for some lame reason and was bolted on only after senior RAF staff intervention. If you think the Eurofighter is a lame duck would someone here like to suggest an alternetive which manages to incorperate the technology needed by a modern warplane?
  7. The yanks learnt the lesson in Vietnam. Some bright spark thought guns were passe and belonged to the WWII era. Combat experience in 'nam proved otherwise, so guns made it back on to aircraft.

    Reminds me of the muppets who decided to take the 50 cal away...and now we have it back, or those who think the good old bayonet is buckshee.
  8. Its not the fact that they can't be used but why use them as ballast in the first place. Its not like any other Aircraft the UK had bought had similar problems, well apart from the Tornados (blue circle fighter) with its cement radar . That went on for years but short term a block of readymix was used.

    The boffins can't even make a copy of the weapon out of bits an bobs? what kind of boffind do we have?

    "UK Boffin stops Boffing" - whats the IA for that?
  9. What they'll doubtless find out in due course is that the aircraft only performs to spec with a gun fitted, but with the ammunition for the gun as part of that aerodynamic package. Only problem is, no one will have permission to fire it. It's ridiculous not to give what appears to be a fine aircraft the capability for strafing runs. The savings on ammo are miniscule compared to the billions being wasted elsewhere.
  10. THe Eurofighter is the only plane to be able to dogfight at Mach speed too I believe.
  11. I dont quite understand this.

    Is the Gun going to be fitted, but not 'connected up' and therefore inoperable?

    Or is it going to be fitted and operable, but no ammunition is going to be bought for it?

    Either way....
    you couldn't make it up!
  12. Welcome to Monty Python's Flying MoD :roll:
  13. If you think this is bad - just wait till FRES makes an appearance (when / if it ever gets of the drawing board...


    Why do so many of these idiots still have jobs - in civvy street they would be sacked for gross incompetance
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