The UK doesnt need seats in the Clipper.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Dec 5, 2005.

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  2. I have a hard time believing that any self-respecting German with even the vaguest sense of self preservation would climb on top of a rocket that is the product of a combination of French, Italian and Russian engineering and building quality standards! :D
  3. I'm too would have a hard time believing that any self-respecting German with even the vaguest sense of self preservation would climb into American Space Shuttle that is the product of American engineering. However building quality standards are very high.
  4. You've clearly never driven a Renault or Fiat, and the less said about Lada, the better. :D
  5. If memory serves, the Septics have managed to see off a lot more astronauts than the Ivans have cosmonauts!

  6. You are mixing ordinary consumer products and space/military ones. It is not a right approach.

    PS. I had bought my Lada-car exactly 7 years ago for $4500 and I hadn't serious problems with it. It is maybe not very comfortable but very reliable car. Btw, I use Shell semi-syntetic oil and have 50g/1000km oil consumption.

  7. Take no notice, Sergey. He's just winding you up!

  8. Oh for crying out loud, I'm taking the p1ss! Everyone knows that Russian kit, while not exactly cutting edge stuff, is built like a brick sh1t-house. Hell, you don't even need to open the hangar doors to put a Mig 29 inside, you just taxi through them at about 30kts. Didn't the smilie face give you a hint, Sergey?

    I stand by every word about French and Italian engineering (Beretta being the single exception) however.
  9. That we know about?
  10. My Fiat is very well put together - probably because it was built in Pininfarina's factory rather than Fiat's.
  11. Russian rockets work .The shuttle dosent .Consdering the uk has been at the cutting edge of engineering and aerospace
    I think its deeply regretful we dont get involved in manned space flight .How many kids want to be astronaunts ?Its too exspensive
    bahh and the dome wasen't ,trident and its replacement ? , i.d. cards ? ,Pointless wars in shit holes ? At least we could get some
    nice tv out of it . Use lottery funds if you have too .Ohh dear they have to be spent on posh peoples hobbies and asylum seeking scum . :x
  12. VB, it's all banter. Last year I had to drop $7000 for a new transmission assy for a 4 year old Jag XK8! (Feckin' Fords! :evil: )
  13. I'm interesting how many there are using British-made, British-designed cars? How reliable are they?

    As to building of something like 'Clipper' then British industry is unprepared to this task. It would be also too expensive even for Americans.
  14. Imagine if MagWitch hadn't killed the BAe/Rolls HOTOL project...or Chinese Ted hadn't killed Black Arrow II..

    Seriously, most of the ESA astronauts have gone up on Russian rockets, to either a Russian space station, or a part-Russian, part-US, part-Astrium (French-British-German-Italian) space station. If this thing works, I think a glass of vodka to the ghost of Sergei Korolev is in order. I always thought it was a pity they let Mir fall out of the sky, surely one of the "space tourists" could have stumped up to give it a boost rather than just go up for holiday snaps?
  15. I should imagine that the Germans are quite happy to fly in US spacecraft, when one considers who was the originator of the technology :wink: