The UK Border Agency is toast

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. Shit customer service springs to mind
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  2. I think UKBA was stuck in a limbo between being a part of the Civil Service and being a law enforcement agency. That means it probably took the worst parts of each and none of the best bits.

    I think the whole thing should be scrapped and replaced with a proper border police, or even extend the role of BTP to airports and docks, make the airports and docks pay for BTP in the same way that ATOC does. It would be interesting, but it will never happen as the home office wants direct political control, which they can't really have over a police force.
  3. Did you read at the start of the week that the previous head of the U.K.B.A., a lady and I can't remember her name, got promoted out of the U.K.B.A. to H.M. Customs & Excise. Now that organisation was already fcuked up, I wonder what she can do to make it any better/worse.
  4. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Sadly, the OP has misunderstood.

    All that is happening is that UK Visa's (overseas) and the leave to remain department will go one way and the 'Enforcement' (soon to be run by Serco or G4S by the sound of it) going another. Nothing will change, and the illegals will still swagger around safe in the knowledge that they will not be removed.

    This is another round of musical chairs, nothing more. Remember the HMRC devolving Customs, then the Latter forming with UKBA legacy Immigration, forming UK Border Force? What changed? Nothing much.

    But on the positive side, think about all those extra Chief Executives, Directors, Assistant Directors and Senior managers in each department. And all those lovely bonuses!
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  5. Oh that has been under debate for some time by Ken Frost on his HMRC is Shite blog especially the small fact that she did got go UKBA---->HMRC but went UKBA-----> DfT (to preside over West Coast Mainline fiasco) ----> HMRC:

    "ONE of the key figures in the Department for Transport’s West Coast main line fiasco was the former boss of the UK Border Agency when it itself was described as “not fit for purpose”.

    Millionaire mandarin Lin Homer was the Permanent Secretary at the DfT throughout 2011 when details of the new rail franchise business model were being thrashed out.

    She was named by Sir Richard Branson last month as one of a handful of officials at the department whom his Virgin Rail team met during 2011 to voice concerns over the bid process.

    Those concerns were ignored, said the rail boss whose warnings proved correct last week when the Government U-turned on its decision to award the lucrative franchise to his rival First Group due to an alleged catastrophic business model error.

    The mistake is estimated to cost taxpayers £100million and the DfT has now been labelled “not fit for purpose”.
    As per the Transport Committee - Eighth Report Cancellation of the InterCity West Coast franchise competition (published 23 January 2013):

    "A more direct description of what happened [than that provided by Laidlaw] is that ministers and senior officials were lied to about how the outcome of the franchise competition had been reached. A major unanswered question is why ministers and senior officials were misled about how the SLFs had been calculated, the issue which led directly to the cancellation of the franchise competition. We recommend that the Department explain why this happened, if necessary after decisions have been reached on whether or not to take disciplinary action against particular members of staff. (Paragraph 26)

    3. In our view, we cannot categorically rule out the possibility that officials manipulated the outcome of the competition not only to keep First Group in the running for as long as possible, as Mr Laidlaw suggested, but to ensure that First got the contract. We recommend that the DfT find a way of undertaking a full email capture, reporting to someone suitably independent, to help get to the bottom of why DfT staff discriminated against Virgin and in favour of First Group during the ICWC franchise competition. (Paragraph 28)"

    HMRC Is Shite

    Now the new Universal Credit system (A "flagship" policy of the Govt. remember) to be operated by DWP but relies on inputs from the HMRC Real Time Information (RTI) system in terms of PAYE.

    For a long time now Homer et al have been running the all is well with RTI , nothing to see, move along now line.

    Sadly, it is****ed.
  6. Something tells me this split/change will not be complete by the time the new Rules are relaxed come 2014.
  7. I wonder if she will have the good grace to resign. £10 to H4H she does not.
  8. I'm betting the replacements will be subjected to even more political interference from the Home Office and No.10 as full accession looms for Romania and Bulgaria - even though the visa arm will have nothing to do with it.

    Lack of competence at the top is only the second biggest problem with micro-management as a model of governance.
  9. And the re-organisation wont actually achieve anything, but will cost millions in consultancy fees and of course new logo's will be required
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  10. Whats so hard to tell the illegals and those without Passport to fvck off back the the nearest safe country which is 9/10 is France, tell them to do a 180 and go back, saves lots of money in appeals and legals fees.
  11. It's just a name change, bit of smoke and mirrors and pay rises all round, apart from those at the coalface obviously
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  12. Yep forgot the new logos...........