The UK armchair resistance movement

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fairycakes, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. He is not the only one, I haven't had a license for a year and I don't intend to get one.
  2. I haven't had one since 1992

    No TV either.

  3. 8O
  4. We appear to have shot ourselves in the foot down here. There was an annual licence fee which most people ignored and so the law was changed, and the whole kit and caboodle was financed through commercial advertising.
    Local television is now, in my view, unwatchable due to the frequency of ad breaks.

    Ah well, it means that I get out more.
  5. And? As the head of the largest broadcaster in the world it's hardly extortionate. Do you expect him to be on minimum wage?
  6. Yes I do believe he is overpaid. Nobody should earn a higher income from the public sector than the Prime minster of the Uk. Even when we have a tw*t in the Prime minster office. :D

    Link showing earnings of other BBC execs.
  7. No licence here either, television is used for DVD playback and Xbox only as I have no interest in the crap they are showing on tv these days
  8. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    That is an utterly banal statement. The wages of those in these types of jobs must be commensurate with the private sector otherwise you will never recruit talent - then more dross goes on and suddenly it is a bag o' shite.

    Funny old thing the Head of the BBC gets paid much less than his opposite numbers in commercial telly land and I refer you to the number of "The BBC is shite" threads and comments.

    Give your head a wobble.
  9. No licence here either, no tv.

    After I cancelled my licence 2 guys were sent out to make sure I wasnt watching live tv, came out checked and told me thats fine they will be back in 3 years. Then a couple of months later 2 more guys with a handheld scanner came told me they scanned my house and said I was watching tv illegaly blah blah. I showed them the letter i had from tv licencing confirming Im exempt, they left, I called tv licencing and they said they have no record that im "legitimatly unlicenced" so they sent out 2 more guys who told me since I have a pc which can access bbc live streams im liable for a licence, so I called the licencing again and they said Im not, I dont have a tv so i dont need a licence, and I made sure they sent another letter confirming this...

    ... I dont have a licence, I dont intend to get a licence and I wont be intimidated into getting a licence. TV Licencing people if you read this, go f*ck yourselves.
  10. If they try sending anybody round to your house tell them to leave your property the moment they arrive, they have no right to enter and the old "scanner" is a bunch of bollocks.
  11. Funnily enough, I am considering getting rid of the TV. Im thinking I should be able to access most things of interest via the net.
  12. I hate adverts - I would rather pay TV tax and have some advert free channels and radio stations. I like it - it means that quality and challenging but non popular programming can be found and viewed. Also it gives a great platform for new talent to showcase their skills without having to fulfill rating figures.

    Commercialism and broadcasting means their is little room for creativity and change - fine if you want to watch formulaic soul destroying tv but nothing can stay the same forever - change is inevitable.

    I have sky plus and pay my licence fee - don't pay pay it, don't watch it but don't destroy it - preserve it. The BBC is a gift because it's run by the British and we lead the way in creativity - public broadcasting anywhere else in the world is not so colourful.

    It's always the folk without the cash - bah humbugging those that have it. Maybe if you got out of your armchair and off your arse and did something productive instead you wouldn't have time to sit and resent those that have more than you do. Armchair resistance - more like Victor Meldrew! And you can thank the BBC for him - but you probably don't know who I am taking about but I wouldn't believe it if you said 'who?'.
  13. Have you considered that we who do not have a licence do so because we are sick of television as a whole and would rather do something else instead of sitting around watching the crap they have on these days. You are criticising those who have already got up off their arses and realised just how boring television is these days.
  14. Don't enter into dialogue with them. Just ignore them and don't let them onto your property. They won't take it to court and if they did they'd lose.