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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by SteveWestKent, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    I am an ex Royal Signals Clerk me, those who joined after 1994 wouldnt have heard of us and just got used to the AGC - but we were a great bunch stuck in the orderly rooms providing an efficient admin service. We liked beer and girls as much as the rest and because I was, and indeed am quite good looking used to do very well thank you.

    Anyway - one thread I think needs covering, no actually two while I'm here is, notwithstanding the no names policy here are the memories of not the gorgeous wives and girlfriends but the mingers - the ones that got bought into RHQ for their ID and were laughed out of the building - you know the sorts - either so fat (but ironically adorned in sports clothing) that they sweated Ginsters or just so damn ugly that just one thought of them during a Gentlemans joust would cause a "back to the start"....

    So can anyone recall any THW (Truly Hideous Wives) anecdotes?

    Secondly - having served at 8 Bde in Ebrington and sharing with a Regiment of Infantry Gentleman and thus sharing guards can anyone remember the funniest sanga graffiti left by us by way of teasing the grunts. I recall one presumably disgruntled Infantry fella getting fed up with it all and writing "Were all soldierz (sic) - wots the difference between you and me" - to which I wrote - "About £250 a week and 10 years you old C**t" - I still laugh at that today.

    Although not as much as the time I was caught thrapping in Bde HQ by the Brigadier.