The Ugliest DP Uniform

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by IrishGuard, Jul 24, 2005.

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  1. The Ugliest DP Uniform - The new US DP Uniform, shown on the right, gets my vote.

    Any others?
  2. The uniform is ugly....but what about the female Sgt in the background?????
  3. What do you expect from a bunch of crabs? :D
  4. A bit of lipstick wouldn't go astray.

    Nah, only joking, she's someone's daughter.

    Good on her.
  5. That sort of looks like washed out 'tiger stripe' The US has a few different DP on trial I think.

    The Canadian Cadpat is quite ugly, and rather 'litebrite'
  6. it remind me of an Hawaiin Shirt , as to the Female Sgt yep i would
  7. That horrendous uniform is the spam's replacement for their woodland and desert dpm. It is to be known as ACU (Army Combat Uniform). I know this because I've seen a few of the cnuts wandering around on my base in the sun!
  8. Good spot Rocketbloke, but it is still pretty vile:


    I like the list of '20 Changes' - at No 9 it's "Three-slot pen pocket on bottom of sleeve ". Excellent! :D
  9. "Have you guys seen my new stealth staff car?'
    'No Sir!"
    "Effective isn't it."
  10. No DD sorry I disagree . The stoopid thing is number 14. Integrated Friend or Foe Identification Square on both left and right shoulder pocket flap

    More fukcing badges but must be BIGto be seen.
  11. I like the idea of #17. .Patrol Cap with double thick bill and internal pocket.

    A pocket inside your hat? Maybe I am being a bit dense here but WTF would you keep in it??
  12. The female sgt seems to be suppressing a grin, perhaps she finds that uniform amusing too.
  13. Not amusing is that article's use of "transition" as a verb. Nearly puked when I read that.

    A Lynn Truss moment. Sorry.
  14. Your magic wand, silly: see