The U.S. War on Christmas?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by TankiesYank, Dec 7, 2005.

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  1. This may earn me a trip to the ARRSE Hole...but in light of the kerfuffle over the crucifix, and the fact that some people brought this recent U.S. news up in discussion, here's one lefty Jewish columnist's take on de-Christmasing Christmas which I quite liked.

  2. Amusing, an interesting viewpoint, and one of my seasonal peeves. The other one being that the Winter Holiday Celebration (i.e. Hannukah, Kwanzaa, anything-but-Christams) seems to start in November in these parts.

  3. He's going to upset a lot of fellow Jews with that piece.

    Many of my Jewish friends who are business and shop owners much like the Christmas season.

    Some even merrily have a 'Hannukah bush' in their living room, completely decorated.

    Joel Stein would have been better off to give this no attention at all.
  4. Heh. Well, when you don't really have seasons, you can pretty much start the winter holidays whenever you want. (The leaves do turn brown and fall off in California, but it's usually in mid-June.)

    That being said, my experience is a bit different. I lived in the most non-Christian stronghold in Southern California for a long time and they didn't mind Christmas trees, creches or anything else...for the above reasons, I imagine. The old Jewish couples in the building all would wish me a Merry Christmas (because I presumably look like a Christian) and my Israelite friends had a huge Christmas Eve party for their Gentile friends who weren't able to make it home by December 24th.

    OK, so we didn't go to Mass together but they did give me a ride to and fro as I was completely whacked on Mexican eggnog by 11 PM. Now that's diversity. :)
  5. You might be right. I hope, though, that for every incoherent email the Times gets from the Diversity Police, they get one of support from someone sensible. Thereby avoiding the sack. :roll:
  6. That prick, Bill O'Reilly has got in on the act:

    The irony of it was that up until 2 days ago, Fox News was selling tree decorations with O'Reilly's mug and logo on them, with "Happy Holidays" written on the opposite side! :lol:

    I've been back to the site, and they've switched to calling them "Christmas and Chanukkah" decorations, not holiday decorations. They now have the O'Reilly factor logo on one side and the Fox News logo on the other- no holiday message of any description.

    This brings up two questions:

    1.) When are they launching the Sean Hannity Menorah?

    2.) Who the fcuk is sad/batshit crazy enough to buy and display such artifacts?
  7. I think you've stumbled onto something here.

    [tinfoil hat] By calling the holiday season, no-one has an excuse not to run out and start buying stuff. Greetings card manufacturers only have to print one type of Happy Holiday card and benefit from economies of scale.[/tinfoil hat]
  8. With the obvious exception of Cali Tanky and Tankies Yank, who we know to have taste (they post on this board AND they both have something to do with tanks - good skills), I can think of quite a few people in the ole' US of A who would buy such tack. I would be surprised if you couldn't, crab!! After all, most people in southern CA are more loopy than a box of frogs, aren't they!
  9. Funnily enough, not that many people North of the Orange Curtain and West of The Valley of the Dirt People are very big fans of the shithead. (Although there may be a few in Simi Valley and Chatsworth- Reagan must have had a reason to put his library there.) I went to the site originally with the intention of buying one, just for its irony value, but couldn't bring myself to give the cnuts any of my hard-earned cash.
  11. "A tidal wave of hate" (Gibson)! Schmucks. Is it just me or are people getting rather bored these days and looking for a fight? Why don't all these pundits just join the Marines and do some real fighting?

    What's wrong with Christmas? Christians celebrate their savior; Muslims celebrate the last prophet before The Big One; and Jews can join in and rest safe in the knowledge that this is the only time anyone else is ever going to celebrate a Jew.

    PLUS, Hanukkah falls on December 26 this year, so it's double the joy for everyone!
    My wife gets to celebrate the birth of the Lord's (alleged) son, I get to toast Judaism's favourite bachelor, and then a day later I celebrate The Hebrew Hammer's rededication of the Temple (shame we didn't bring enough party supplies) as part of a minor holiday that The Powers That Be decided to elevate in import in order to give Jews something to celebrate around Christmas time. Wonderful! One big piss up!

    In fact, this is the perfect year to start celebrating Chrismukkah, or even Festivus. Haven't convinced the missus about this yet.

    Just don't do Jewmas. You don't want to get food poisoning on such an important day.
  12. Biggest laugh is that Jesus was born in April - early church moved it to winter to fit in with us Pagans doing our winter seasonal festivals.

    Bah humbug
  13. Good spot. Here's the correction from the website:

    Correction duly noted, but I don't think it counters the article, as it's ultimately an opinion piece. And since Mr. Gibson has helpfully summarized the contents of the book on the front cover, I don't think Stein had to conjecture too much...

    Edited because: Rhabdo...heh. :lol:
  14. If you think that's "funny", check out this. 8O
  15. That's a p!ss-take. Right? Right??? 8O