The "Twice" game

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Feb 25, 2006.

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  1. Cut and pasted from another thread in the int cell.

    Does anyone else remember the twice game? I was introduced to it by a darksider in 2000 so i'm sure it wasn't just our little circle that did it. or is it still going strong?

    See, good things do come out of the dark side occasionally ;) was certainly good for morale anyway.

  2. Best one I ever heard was cleaning rifles after a long day on the ranges.. loads of people waa-ing eachother as they clean away with much joviality..

    Then someone pipes up.. "What's a waa?"

    Poor new girl replies, "Well.. it's when you ask .......... "

    All, "WAAAAAAA!!!"

    Most amusing. :D

    Never heard of the twice game though.. cant see it catching on in this office either. We're all deaf and mumble all the time. :?
  3. i must admit it kind of took on a mind of its own. there wasnt a blatant subversive attempt by our newly-arrived darksider to introduce it... he just kept doing it to people in the office, or you'd hear him chatting to his old darkside friends about dungeons and dragons, what it's like to have windows, that sort of thing... the occasional "twice" or "obviously" would be dropped in.... and eventually you start getting conscious of it, and eventually retaliating.

    and there goes the neighbourhood.

    we had a good bunch in that office, morale was high and i don't think we brought about the downfall of the government or anything from doing it. :)
  4. But you were responsible for untold pain of innocent animals.. EVERYONE is to blame!! At least that's the impression I got from the news today. How can you sleep at night CR!?!
  5. just for once i think i have to say...
    what the f*ck you going on about this time?!? :)
  6. I remember this Twice game being de rigeur in one of my Sections some years ago. I found it easiest to ignore it and pretend to be completely unaware. But I know that some of the chaps found it dashed amusing :)
  7. I see my smiley face actually worked this time. What was I doing wrong before?
  8. I see my smiley face actually worked this time. What was I doing wrong before?
  9. No, I'm not going to say it.
  10. Twice!
  11. Ha ha what happened there then? Is a Modarator being funny?
  12. why do i think i might have worked for you... hmmm.

    there can't be that many Latin freaks in the Corps :)