The Truth Uncovered! Kevan Jones versus MoD

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MysonTyson, May 16, 2007.

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  1. You may recall that on Sunday the 6th of May an article in the sunday mail critised the AG for having £13,000 of repairs conducted at his official MoD residence whilst in office.

    This caused both outrage and embarrasment to the AG and MoD.

    The man behind it is MP Kevan Jones who has asked some 50 Parlimentary Questions regarding MoD and its expendature causing hundreds of man hours and cost to both MoD, Defence Estates, Sodexho and god knows who else to answer his curiosity.

    Thank god for - Kevan Jones critisises for maintenence and upkeep costs ammounting to £13,000 whilst in 2005 / 06 MP Kevan Jones recorded £144,246.00 in expenses. :evil:

    I call for an immediate outcry for Mr Kevan Jones to resign after publicly apologising to the MoD and AG in the same way that he was quick to condemn them.
  2. I'm not normally one to defend the Liarbour party, but it's worth pointing out that Kevan Jones is a member of the Commons Defence Select Committee so it's entirely reasonable for him to be asking lots of questions of the MoD etc.
  3. That may be so radioactiveman, but don't you think that this kind of hipocracy is Bang out of Order!

    He moans about 13K and spends 144K himself?
  4. I'm not disagreeing. New Liarbour = snouts in trough wherever possible. Just thought it worth mentioning about the MoD angle.