The Truth on the British Army (You all know its true)

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by BoskovicRegime, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. Right...i could probably get in trouble for this if it ever found its way into my bosses hands due to the fact ive had a number of warnings about spreading descent amongst the junior privates/signallers. I even got accused of "recruiting" young soldiers to my cause of hating the army, jesus do they think im trying to start a rebel army or something.

    ok where do i ******* start. Overweight people? Arse Kissers? Females? Thieves? i know ill start from the top. Now this is not a rant about overweight people because people have a right to be how they want to be but in the army they have a moral obligation to stay fit for duty but it seems that doesnt happen, overweight people prosper while others fall by the wayside. The Basic Personal Fitness Assesment recently renamed the Personal Fitness Test consists of being able to achieve 44 pressups in 2 minutes, 50 sit ups in 2 minutes and a mile and a half run in 1030 for males. Now this is not hard or should not be hard for trained soldiers but people fail regularly. Some people lower themselves to feigning injury to avoid the testss some people have been on the "sick" for years and yet even though they are classed as unfit for duty they prosper being promoted while people who can pass stand and watch. The RPs (regimental police) at my barracks are all too unfit to pass a personal fitness test and are still given the authority of police which they abuse regularly. i dont mind getting a good shouting at or marched around as a punishment but to be punished by somebody who themselves cant even pass a BASIC fitness test is the most degrading thing that can happen to a soldier. These soldiers unfit for duty are not encouraged to get themselves fit because tax payers money pays for their physiotherapy when they become too heavy that their own knees cant support them and give way, they are promoted even though they can not carry out their jobs. It is a horrendous problem and will not get better anytime soon.

    Arse kissers, now they are people not fit to lick the shit of my boots. they lower themselves to grassing up mates in order to improve their careers. im sure every workplace has them, they are what we all know as gobshite.

    Females, now dont get me wrong i have no problem with females in the army and some are good mates but if they are taking home the same pay as us they should not be abusing the fact that they are female and all it takes from them is tears, eye lashes flashed or a large cleavege to get out of jobs while the lads get shit on to cover their arses too. SNCO, seargents and above regularly abuse their position of authority to get a female into the sack and the girls go for it thinking it will grant them immunity from shit jobs again leaving us lads with them.

    Thieves, oh my god, there is no loyalty amongst theives. apparently there is also no loyalty between soldiers anymore. sub human scum, they steal from their comrades at first opertunity without remorse. Due to stricter rules than earlier armys we cant even give these scumbags a good kicking like we used to.

    Bullies, yes it still happens in the army, people are regularly bullied by people inferior to themselves but who have the nerve to think them above everyone. i recently was punished for giving one such bully the kicking of his life, he got away scot free. its not my right to take the law into my own hands but you reap what you sow in my world and i wont stand by and let filth bully people.

    immaturaty. The army is full of immature soldiers who have not lived outside of school or the army where they are sheltered from the real world. You often find that its the lads who were bought up in broken homes that are the most mature, they have been through life and have earned my respect and im fed up with immature little shits gobbing off with no respect for others. This is what results in squaddies having a bad reputation because of the way they treat people in the towns they visit. I am sometimes ashamed to admit to my job.

    Dont get me wrong, i love the army and the opertunities it has given me to broaden my horizens but things have reached such a sad state of affairs when soldiers who love the army and have never commited any of the offences stated above are reduced to leaving like myself
  2. And your point is.........?
  3. Is this the sequel to Ian Dury's "Reasons to be cheerful" ?
  4. so yove been passed up for promotion for being to gobby,cant handle it and youve signed off after 2 years..mmmm-carear soldier you aint...
  5. Tell us something we haven't heard already, its every squaddies god given right to moan but at least try and moan about something new on here.
  6. It's a reflection of society. If you've left the Army, you'll soon recognise it everywhere. That's what's so fcuking depressing. Did I mention the glass was half empty today?
  7. Some things in life are bad
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  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    And how is your application for the Diplomatic Corps coming on?
  9. You've got a glass - you lucky beerstead
  10. mmmm interesting.
    I'll play.

    Overweight - I am overweight and 50+ and I CAN STILL DO THE CFT. Being overweight is not the prob, it is being unfit. The problem is like civvy street, the yobs know the jails are full, so they commit crime knowing that they cant pay the fine, wont go to jail, so get more and more asbos. The armed forces cannot afford to lose any more personnel so standards drop. Perhaps if pay was linked to fitness ...................
    Wimmin - A bit unfair but I have seen the same as well. Equally there are some men who are exactly the same. Believe me, when you get a useless female OC, then start worrying.
    Thieves - thats wot AGAI67 is for and postings to Catterick.
    Bullies - report them, no place anywhere in the services

    Get some tin foil in your beret, smartish
  11. Sorry, read this far in your post and then lost the will to live. Did you say anything interesting in it? If you love the Army then stay in and work to make it better (if only in a small way). If you hate it then get out and good luck to you. Ranting posts on ARRSE won't achieve either of thee things...

  12. Get a fucking grip you big hommo.

    If you don't like it, fuck off.
  13. i recently was punished for giving one such bully the kicking of his life, he got away scot free. its not my right to take the law into my own hands but you reap what you sow in my world and i wont stand by and let filth bully people.

    So it's not their right to steal, bully, abuse (rank or gender). And you're correct, it's not your right to take the law into your own hands. So where do people who cause physical harm to others instead of using the army discipline system fall into your arguement.

    You're no better than any of the groups you mentioned in your post.
  14. I'll Second that motion :numberone:
  15. ...........

    because you don't have the strength of character, ability, will or even the common decency to stick it out and try and do your bit to improve it.

    Feck off, loser.