The truth at last - You all love the X Factor........

Is the ex Ms Cole not one of the prettiest women you've ever seen? I love the show, the tension, the excitement...:wink:
No, she is a talentless, ignorant little northern chav tart who thinks she can sing.
She is a very good looking girl.

However what she has done to her bum and lower back is criminal.

Also the show is bollocks.
Why do you constantly change your avatar? Are the police after you?
It messes with peoples' heads.

I bet you're going to watch that Jungle shite as well.
I'm watching Guy Martin on Ch4+1 and trying not to lick the screen.

He's dreamy.



Book Reviewer
There was me thinking that the "X Factor" was an addition to pay for certain duties etc....

Well you live and learn. Now can someone explain to me about Mr Logie-Baird's televisual device?
Nae worries, you're a good engineering sort :smile:

SWTSMBO watches it so I get to see a lot of it too.

Ms. Cole is definitely a candidate for a good sphincter rattling, but as other have said, the tattoos would put me right off - it would be like buggering a burns victim.


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