The truth at last - You all love Liverpool & Scousers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CAARPS, Mar 24, 2012.

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  1. Due to the proliferation of threads being created by all you lesser individuals about us superior people who come from the Northern banks of the mouth of the Mersey and the popularity of the long running thread of a similar name in the sports forum.

    Here just for you, a place to post your ever so original jokes, thoughts and witticism about us. All the threads can be merged to stop site clutter, a sort of one stop shop, a thread of worship of the mighty race.

    So all you jealous, inferior woollybacks, soft as sh*t southern shandy drinking fairies and insignificant non-distinct rest of the country, fade into each other, regional monkeys, in your own time crack on... ^~
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  2. The Truth at last!!!!

  3. Ah soft, strong and thoroughly absorbent
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  4. As an ex pat Southern puff can I have a lager top rather than a shandy thanks. I'm up to two a day.
    I support QPR, if I've got to suffer that you lot can stand a bit of regional streotypical abuse IMO.
  5. Yet again with the re-proliferation of Scouse jealousy threads I thought I would give this another outing, roll up roll up, a single place for all your 'inferiority complex' rants and your 1980's Harry Enfield jokes.

    A single location for Scouse bashing without subjecting normal users to yet another bile ridden 'we all hate Liverpool' (well about 6 of us) thread, passed of as so called comedy.

    Come on, you know you want too ^~
  6. I am not a huge fan of scousers, mainly because I am one (no accent moved when i was babe in arms), but I now live on the Wirral & go into Liverpool a fair bit. Its a great city & i enjoy it, so much I am trying to get a job there. Worked in the CC for a year a cpl of years ago & it was safe, clean & the people generally good natured. In comparison i currently work in cc Manchester & have done off & on for the last 18yrs. I hate the place with a vengeance. Its dirty, transport is shite, the people are fucking scumbags for the most part (you tell me Salford, Ordsall, Wythenshawe & Moss Side are not populated by anyone any worse than the likes of Toxteth & Bootle). It has delusions of being Englands second city. Not a fucking chance. They rested on their laurels after the bomb & royally fucked the place up.
    Liverpool winning capital of culture (as chalk & cheese as that sounds) has made the city & they keep pushing the big investment developments that modern cities need. Good on them.
    I've also lived in London (shite & so disjointed its unreal), Cambridge (pretty but fuck me the students) & Preston (nuff said) so do have something to measure against.
  7. Oh........ a thread for townie's.
  8. The very fact that you have created this thread, says all you need to know about scousers!
  9. I Know, absolutely awesome aren’t we ^~
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  10. Is this a thread about ****l? Oh goody.

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    Can you stop the friday racism please?
  11. You owe me your giro, I don't do anything free for scousers.
  12. I don't think this is the sort of comment we are looking for to be honest,Ches, up to date and factual I mean.

    PS To increase comedic value of this thread,maybe the usual suspects could volunteer where they live?
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  13. I know. Sorry. Got carried away.
    The anti scouse diatribe is tedious though. I'd take a scouser over a Manc any day of the week. Manchester is a case in point for a resurrection of the Final Solution. I fucking hate it.
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  14. I just checked, you posted that on la jour de poisson d'Avril, I've written that bit in Frenglish for a number of reasons:

    1. Some people on here wouldn't like it if I wrote in Scouse (God's own accent).
    2. You're from that Darn Sarf so you're French anyway.
    3. The only thing I remember from my French lessons at Liverpool Collegiate School are Lizzie Pait, the French teacher and some rubbish about the 1st of April.

    Nice one CAARPS, let's keep that Red flag flying (obviously not the loony Lefty Len McCluskie one).
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  15. ...and for some not immediately obvious reason, the residents of Nantwich et al don't draw the same sort of jealous bile as those of us from the murky river city.