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The truth at last - You all love Liverpool FC

Nice to see the Premier League Champions elect getting a drubbing at Southampton, and a man down to boot. So that's two players with a three match ban.

Just need Danny Ings to bang one in to rub salt in the wound. Job done.
If we have to use VAR to judge offside, I would like them to use position of forward foot on the ground when ball is played.

Had to laugh just now........EFC appealing against Digne sending off. maybe they can wheel Richarlison or Pickford in as character witness?
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Love this from Guardian.....
The Premier League continues to be a maelstrom of glorious unpredictability. On Friday night, Aston Villa, the only team left in England with a 100% record, were outplayed, outpaced and outfought by Dirty Leeds, who made off with their Leftfield Title Contenders status in the 1970s comic-book style, giggling like they’d just taken possession of a large bag of sweeties. “Yoinks, now for a feast!” guffawed a carefree Marcelo Bielsa, who already held the Hipsters’ Choice award, which for the record is shaped like a giant plate of mashed potatoes with sausages sticking out of it. Good luck wresting either of those distinctions from his grasp this season.

On Sunday, leaders Everton had their charcoal and seafoam shorts handed to them by Southampton at St Mary’s. To be fair, they’d been stitched up good and proper by that piece of work Virgil van Dijk, who as Carlo Ancelotti explained the other day, stuck one on their star man James Rodríguez in the first minute of the recent Merseyside derby, limiting him to just 179 of 179 minutes of football since. Not only that, by sneakily enticing Jordan Pickford into that crotch-first challenge, the wily Van Dijk has cleverly established a virulent anti-Everton agenda within the refereeing community, clearly evidenced by the red card awarded to Lucas Digne for taking a wild swipe at Kyle Walker-Peters, missing, then clumsily standing on his ankle and bending his leg to an alarming degree. Virgil, you rotter!

“Maybe all the rumours all week against Pickford affected the decision,” insisted Ancelotti, his studied super-cool slipping a little after the match. “The red card was a joke.” While the Fiver certainly agrees that Digne didn’t mean to land on Walker-Peters’s leg, he was however out of control to an extent that his opponent was in danger. It’s also the third time in two games that an Everton player has, intentionally or not, made such a challenge, the Digne recklessness coming hot on the heels (no pun intended) of Richarlison vs Thiago Alcântara and the Battle of Jordan’s Junk.

Asked whether Everton are developing a little problem here, Ancelotti bristled. “It’s not right. It’s not fair. It was not the right decision. We will appeal for sure.” Many more of these careless challenges, though, and they’ll soon be getting themselves a reputation. They’ll not be getting the Leftfield Title Contenders or Hipsters’ Choice tags off Bielsa any time soon … though perhaps there’s another descriptor they could take from the men from Elland Road? Five letters; answers on a postca

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