The truth at last - You all love Liverpool FC

Quite pleased with that...apparently...
Well done to the bindipping Scousers. Even if it was’t a proper season, nobody will hold it against you...

It’s all the ‘back where it belongs’ shite I can’t stand. Doesn’t ‘belong’ in Liverpool or anywhere else!


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Well after finally retrieving the bloody gunshy dog from the next farmstead (it sounds like WW3 has broken out in these parts) from the tractor cab, I thought it was just thunder.
I just know I'm gonna be faced with a scene of diahorrea and vomit in the morning.....

(The dog might be rough too.)


Moving on...
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It doesn’t really count though does it? This season is not really valid and will always be known as the C19 non-season.
The record books will say otherwise - plus it's a real trophy now... ;-)
Not sure how your Spurs did in those years, we bagged 14 other trophies. How did you guys do? Genuinely no idea.
Last 30 years? Spurs picked up an FA Cup (91) and two League Cups (don’t ask me when). They were the last team (with Arsenal) to share the Charity Shield (so that must have been the 91-92 season), because the extra time + penalty shoot out to guarantee a winner came in soon after that.
It doesn’t really count though does it? This season is not really valid and will always be known as the C19 non-season.

Only 13 more titles and you’ll equal United’s tally.
Please can you explain to me your ludicrous statement that the season isn’t valid? I have no affiliation with any club but I watch football the same as I watch many other sports so I’m at a loss how you come to such a startling conclusion, maybe while you’re explaining it to me you can also answer a few simple questions too,

Were the points that ALL the teams have so far amassed won on the football field?

Where the points ALL the teams amassed before lockdown somehow obtained by cheating?

Have any of the points that ALL teams have so far won since the resumption of the season been obtained by cheating or in an underhand way?

Have the points that ALL teams have won since resumption of the season been won on the field of play?

Have ANY of the points that Liverpool FC have, been handed to them by a computer generated system?

If, as I suspect, Liverpool FC have won their points in the same manner, and under the same conditions that ALL the other clubs have had the opportunity to, and if, as I suspect, they didn’t gain any kind of advantage that the other clubs didn’t have then I suspect, and I might be wrong because I await your reasons for declaring the it a ‘non season’, you are talking complete and utter bollox

I await your reply in good faith


Congratulations, and I hope you all wake up this morning with the hangover from hell.

Good to see the scouse fans adhering to the social distancing rules outside Anfield last night ;-) ....but, joking aside, you can't really blame them and I know the same would have been experienced outside the ground of any other PL winner last night.

The best team won the league, simple as that. I'm more disappointed seeing how far we've fallen behind LFC and Citeh.

To coin a saying that I believe LFC trademarked over the past 30 season will be our season :)

I'll end with, and I hope I've got this correct, a saying by the best manager England never had, Brian Clough.

"Show me a team that wins the league and I'll show you the best team". The league doesn't lie, well done.
Congratulations, the best team (by far) won.

All the bellends going on about CV19 - the league was won well before lock down, the last couple of games have just been a formality.

Hopefully, a few of the so called big clubs will up their game and make it a bit closer next season, but I can't see it.

Here's to you visiting Elland Road next year....hopefully!

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Thank you for that link. As I write, the sour faced, lemon sucking, London-centric scum at Al Beeb are busy congratulating the current English, European and World champions on (and I quote) their first major title in thirty years. They've got as much fekkin' idea as that Arrseassin f*ckwit and the other bitter mongtards on this thread.

I'm going back to bed now because it's been a long night, my teeth itch and I hope the Doris brings a bacon and egg sarnie and a brew PDQ.

Well done to you lot and hope you are suffering like a suffering thing from sufferingville.

This popped up on my faceache very nice touch from your gaffer

I haven't.

Unless a winner's medal from a Mil-Skills competition counts.
No it doesn't. Have you got a Njimegen Marches gong? That ought to do it...