The truth at last - You all love Liverpool FC

..and I see there's a female ref. Good for her; hope she has a great game as well.
And female linesmen, emm...lineseperson...emmmm....assistant referees as well..


Not 100% that was a definite penalty...and they're always a 50/50 crap shoot. Oh well, time to score another one.
I hate Chelsea, but this match is quite funny.
The match is an utter horror to watch. Even without Hazard Chelski are looking decent.


Agreed - we're making them look good. I know it;s still early on in the season but given the standard of clubs these days, we can't afford to be rusty.
Penalties it is....
Good to see the Chelski Keeper being out in his place by the Ref and told to cut out the mind game bollocks

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