The truth at last - You all love Liverpool FC

Barcelona still owe us a shit load of cash for Coutinho, so he'd cost us relatively little cash (although removing a big lump of income from the balance sheet).

I don't think he's covered himself in glory at Barca though - aren't there stories of ill discipline, poor training etc?
Sturridge. Apparently brought to light by some fella who'd bet the farm on the Milan connection.

Given the FA have a 99 per cent plus conviction rate I'd say he's fúcked, but will probably get less than Barton did due to the fact it wasn't him doing the gambling and knew nothing of it apparently
We'll see. My record with the FA and their charges isn't great as I tend to ask for evidence whereas they prefer to march in the guilty bastard.
Apparently, Ranieri has a hard on for Joel Matip and wants him at Fulham as his first signing.
A 3-0 win. Very happy with that. Good to see Salah and Bobby get on the scoresheet and what a goal by TAA!
Surprised Shaqiri not in starting line up.I know nothing.
I would have preferred Shaq to Hendo with Milner in a holding role.
But that's probably why I'm an engineer and not a football manager (even on FIFA 18 ) :rolleyes:
Personally I'd have had Fabinho in midfield given how well he knows PSG, probably with Milner and Keita. Jurgen seems to trust that midfield three though and all three did play a major part in us getting to the final last year.
1-0,oh dear.
Amazing we are still in the game at half time, our midfield are being overwhelmed. Still can’t see us get anything out of this, other than hopefully not a hiding!
Started badly but thought we started to get ourselves back into it after about half an hour. They're f*cking rapid on the counter though, we need to be much better defensively in the second half. I'd stick Keita on for Gini at HT personally.
I’m sure Klopp knows a damn site more than I do, but why has he effectively preferred Lovren to TAA? Van Dijk and Gomez as centre backs and TAA and Robertson at keftcand right back, flying up the wings, terrorising the opposition - what’s wrong with that?

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