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The truth at last - You all love Liverpool FC

This is a big match for Sturridge.
He has the chance to cement a place in the Kloppites or else I predict he will be offloaded in the January transfer window.
Jesus, we left that late!

Should have put four or five past them - both Mo and Sadio still look off the pace. Milner, Hendo and Gini immense in midfield, TAA and Robbo brilliant out wide. Thought Sturridge did really well too. VVD and Gomez look like they've played together for a decade.
Notwithstanding that (and I hope he gets himself sorted asp), it just shows the quality, depth of character and mindset of this team that, with Mo out of sorts and (according to more than one outlet) we've yet to hit first gear, we're unbeaten. Added to that we are playing some quite outstanding football as well. I'm enjoying the ride LFC!!
Mo's shoulder is still taped up but of course, once a shoulder has been dislocated, it's succeptible to dislocation again.
Having done something similar three years ago:

It hurts like fvck when you do it, to the point of almost blacking out and / or throwing up.
It takes ages to heal, if it ever does properly / full
You need lots of physio
Possible side effects include stuff like tinnitus and back pain
Lawrenson struggled after similar injury,I think.

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