The truth at last - You all love Liverpool FC

Slightly surprised that Hendo is only on the bench, but generally like the look of that team.

Still think we need another centre back.
I'm cautiously optimistic. That was a good start to the season.
And if Shaqiri continues to look as lively as that, doubt anybody will be complaining about his work rate.

Keita looked awesome in the first half. And Sturridge scoring with his first touch was just... cheeky :)

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Bloody good performance by you lot, I can't bring myself to say any more.
Bloody good performance by you lot, I can't bring myself to say any more.
I actually didn't think we were that good or coherent - certainly not at last season's standard for long stretches. TAA put about four crosses straight into the Kop in the first half, and Salah was frustrated at times that he wasn't found.

But still good enough for a 4-0 win, and could have been more. Which is a very positive start.
Good start,stay cool.
I didn’t see it, but the reports I’ve read so far are raving about Keita, some claiming he is the new Stevie Gerrard. Let’s hope so.
Keita was brilliant, as were most of the team. Hard to tell if we're really good or West Ham were shit until we're a few games in, to be fair, but just having actual options who can change games on the bench is a step up from the last few years. I can't remember the last time we had such a strong bench.

I think we can challenge for the title, all things being equal. We don't have the depth City have but if we can get a bit of luck with injuries (especially Sturridge) we're good enough to push them.
I didn’t see it, but the reports I’ve read so far are raving about Keita, some claiming he is the new Stevie Gerrard. Let’s hope so.

No. Let's not. Keita doesn't even play the same position as Gerrard, comparisons like that are lazy. Keita just needs to keep doing what he's doing, even in the face of some players and play that will target him when it starts to become clear how important he is to the system Klopp plays.

Palace will play the low block and hope to pressure on the break through Zaha because it's Woy and that will be a much better indicator of where we are rather than a team that had an immobile back line on the 18 yard line for reasons they can only explain themselves.

Im very, very pleased with that performance, but let's see where we are after 10 matches , then 20, then 38.
Gutted to hear that Kevin de Bruyne is out for a while with a serious knee injury. I genuinely look forward to watching him play - he sees the pitch like few others, and picks out passes that most mortals didn't even realise were there. City have the squad depth to shake off his absence and barely miss a beat, so I doubt it will affect them too much in terms of points.

And it got me thinking - which player's injury would be hardest for us to absorb this season, as a squad? And having thought about it for a bit, I concluded:

Alisson and Van Dijk.

Yes, it would be tough to have anybody out - but we have decent cover all over the pitch (except maybe LB). Last season, everybody spoke about the "drop-off" in quality if any of the front 3 got injured... but I now feel that we have far better cover, with Shaqiri seemingly hungry, and Sturridge finally accepting that it's better to be an LFC squad player than starting every week for a crap team. There are options and things could be re-shuffled without losing too much - not ideal, but survivable.

We have an embarrassment of options in midfield, and every week some very good players are going to be disappointed - left out of the starting XI even when they're performing well. As it should be at a big club with depth.

Right back - Clyne, Fabinho can play there, Gomez... Left back - I shudder at the thought of Moreno, but we also have Clyne to cover. Moreno will probably gift a goal per game, but we could still out-score opponents. Centre backs - Gomez, Lovren and Matip all replaceable.

I think injuries to Alisson or VVD are the only ones which keep me awake at night. The difference in confidence, mentality, and defensive solidity that those two bring is something that can be critically undermined if either is missing. Karius would get roasted by opposing fans every time he stepped on the pitch, and he can't play wearing ear defenders. And Van Dijk - the difference he makes to the CB pairing is way beyond individual ability. Leadership, organisation and communication - an indisputable leader.

So what I'm saying is - please don't get injured, you two. I genuinely think we could re-organise and cope better with an injury to the PFA Player of the Year and Golden Boot winner, than we could to Alisson or Van Dijk.

And get well soon, Kevin de Bruyne. We always want to see the best players on the pitch, no matter who you play for.

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