The truth at last - You all love Liverpool FC

Ahem, I'm trespassing, I just couldn't let a post like that go without causing a bit of mischief.
Nee botha. Had one of the best nights of my (then) young life on the razz with Geordies and Scousers having a combined party after that final. Great day, 90 mins excepted.

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You might wish to revisit your first sentence - unless you do actually hate the guy.
Good point, well brought out!

I didn`t see that until you mentioned it, and you`re quite correct, it doesn`t look too good does it?

I`m obliged M`Lud.
A court just removed the bar on prosecuting Duckenfield over Hillsborough. He'll stand trial on 95 counts of Manslaughter.
Show trial, the defence will bring a number of police officers from that era of the same rank, experience and (non existent) specialist training. Once they testify they would have acted the same way he will be acquitted.

Clinical Negligence - The Bolam Test - Timms Solicitors

Clearly this is just my opinion and forms a very smal part of possible reasoning this should not be taken as substantive legal argument.

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