The truth at last - You all love Liverpool FC

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And, given their performance on the day.... the FA Cup Final :p
Yep, it was awful, at least yor club tried, and entertained, but you really need to invest in a keeper, but you don't need me to tell you that.
Well done Madrid. We had a brilliant run to the final, surprised loads of people, but weren't as good as them on the night.

Apart from 20 mins or so on the first half, I didn't think we were on top. Salah's injury changed the game, and I was screaming for a foul the moment Ramos took him down - it was practically a judo throw. With his arm tied up and a leg across, Salah hit the ground hard, went off with a suspected dislocated shoulder, and may well miss the World Cup.

Bale's first goal was simply stunning - nothing you can do about that. The other two goals, I have no idea what Karius was playing at. But even without his glaring errors, I'm not convinced we were winning that once Mo went off.

Some fantastic football this season, and finishing second in Europe to this dynasty of a Real team is no embarrassment. Hopefully it will just convince the owners to invest seriously in further improving the squad. Starting with a keeper.

P.S. how good was that last-ditch Robertson tackle on Ronaldo?

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Karius channeled the spirit of every sunday league keeper that ever laced boots
His team mates are a disgrace
Bale goal was magical
Robertson looks a world class defender
If Saleh misses the World Cup it will be a good thing for Liverpool.
Christmas wish list.

A competent goalkeeper please. I could have played a better game than that dïckhead, on the basis that the following is crystal fcuking clear to me:

1. If you throw the ball out, and there is an opposition player in the box, on no account throw the ball anywhere near them.
2. If you get your hands on a shot, catch the fcuking ball properly.

Fire the cvnt.
What's Jerzy up to these days? Just curious...
It's always confound me that Football Clubs pay over the odds for midfielders and forwards,but refuse to spend big on top class keepers who are as important as the blokes that score goals.
Tonight shows what the cost of that actually is.
Yes, everyone makes mistakes, but two like those tonight does indeed show the folly of "keepers are not that important thinking".
Have you scouse ******* stopped crying yet....hahahahahaha.
Have you scouse ******* stopped crying yet....hahahahahaha.
They’re Scousers FFS, it’ll take decades.

There’ll be a two minute silence for them next.
Absoloutly fantastic evening, great atmospher and company. As for the game European Royalty got taught a lesson by a European Dynasty.

Utterly ridiculous world class goal by Bale, and even before the Salah assault, you got the feeling they had gears to go through.

No complaints, great season, World Cup and next year can’t come quick enough :)
Interesting post match press conference from Gareth Bale, hinting that he may be looking to move on as he wants to be starting every week. His stock has gone up massively and he has not wasted anytime putting himself in the shop window.
The back four were brilliant last night. TAA took Ronaldo out of the game so well he swapped wings to get away from him. Lovren was an absolute colossus.

We were the better side until the injury. Unfortunately Ramos is a cheating little shithouse who's got away with doing things like that for years.

You only have to look at the benches to see the difference between us last night. They could bring on Gareth Bale, we had Adam Lallana and Dom Solanke as our attacking changes.

We've got big signings coming in over the summer - Keita already confirmed, hopefully Fekir, a world class keeper and a better backup for our front three to follow.

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