The truth at last - You all love Liverpool FC

A friend of mine has two tickets for the Champions League Final. They are box seats, and include travel and hotel accommodation. She didn't realize when she bought the tickets that this is the same day as her wedding - so she can't go. If you're interested and want to go instead of her: It's at St James's Church in Bootle at 3pm. His name is John. He will be the one at the altar in the suit.
My physics teacher at school was like that. An absolutely devout Liverpool fan. She was at Heysel on the day.

@jimmys_best_mate may remember her (we went to the same school) - Miss Clarke, would have been Mrs Lewis in your time. Short red hair.
Whatever happens on Saturday, this year's been f*cking boss hasn't it?

Amazing what Klopp's built already for us

I couldn’t give you enough likes for that, however, we are Liverpool, it’s all inclusive football and we have to do it the hard way :)

Regardless of Saturday, it’s been a cracking roller coaster ride of a season!
I hate to point out the obvious, but the ability to say "IT'S TODAY!!!" has finally come around. I've been supporting our glorious Red Men for 40 years, and I can't remember being this excited and nervous about a game. I feel like I did as a little kid on Christmas Eve.

Best of luck to Jürgen and his boys today. Whatever happens, they've done us proud and will always be Liverpool men.
Every Blue and Manc I've seen is shitting it for tonight. They're all terrified that we're going to win it.

Drink it all in boys because no matter what happens tonight we're back where we f*cking belong and a speccy heavy metal geek from the Black Forest is writing himself into our folklore.
Right my fellow red men, I am off into town, win or lose tonight savour the day, tehy don’t come around that often. Have a great night wherever you are watching and i will see you on the other side.

Ribbena for my men, we ride at dawn :)
I hope those scalie cvnts get beat 20 nil tonight, i don't have that much interest in football as long as Liverpool (and West Ham) get fvcking beat. self pity city.

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