The truth at last - You all love Liverpool FC

Given that Mignolet is likely to be off (he's not happy on the bench, apparently), reserve goalie while he does his UEFA badges?
Tranmere will be needing a goalie :)
Both of those are shite but at least the top one is in compliance with the Boss Wednesday agreement.

There's a fûcking awful Red Arrows one on Rawk that genuinely makes me wish harm on the shït trabbed bellend helpfully pointing at it.

These creatures should be killed with fire.
Just on here to wish you all the best on saturday and that most of Catalonia will be cheering you on. The league finished here on sunday and after Barça's match the group have all said they will be there to shout for you.
Does that make us honorary scousers for the night?
(If so I'm leaving the car in the garage.)

Madrid started the season badly which is largely why they finished 19 points behind Barça, but they have been playing better lately. They save their best football for April/May and the Champions League, so be prepared for that as they really have had this in their sights since Christmas when Barça were running away with the league. They also have a habit of finishing with nicking a goal in the last minute so you can't sit back and just defend.

Good luck lads n lasses. Listen carefully you'll hear me raising a beer to youse all.

Make Catalonia proud and stick it to them.
Best banner I've seen yet! The Death vessel is a coach that may have left the day after Roma. Either way, they'll have stories to rival the ordinary to Rome in '84. If they can remember any of it.

God help the driver.

How is Mo Salah managing to train and play during Ramadan?
A friend of mine has two tickets for the Champions League Final. They are box seats, and include travel and hotel accommodation. She didn't realize when she bought the tickets that this is the same day as her wedding - so she can't go. If you're interested and want to go instead of her: It's at St James's Church in Bootle at 3pm. His name is John. He will be the one at the altar in the suit.

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