The truth at last - You all love Liverpool FC

Disappointing that we let them back into the game. However, I would rather we rotated the squad and risked a loss or draw, rather than sticking out the entire first XI and potentially affecting their performance on Tuesday / increasing risk of injury.

VVD mistake for the first goal, playing them onside. But far worse was Gomez being flash and trying to casually backheel the clearance. Mucks it up, fouls on recovery and goal from the free kick.

Let's face it, WBA have actually started to fight for pride over the last week. We aren't guaranteed a win just from turning up, and rotating half the squad meant we just weren't on top form (although I think AOC had a good game, and fantastic pass to Mo for his goal).

I absolutely want us to be in this situation at the end of seasons - lots still to play for - but a result like today does demonstrate a bit of a drop-off in standard when we rotate. Particularly noticeable at the back today, with Karius looking shaky behind a new back line.

So - Mo scores again and equals the record for a 38 game season (with 3 still to play). We chalk up one point, and - as we all have been for the last week anyway - look forward to Tuesday.
Well, after that, I'm expecting Tuesday's line-up to be:


TAA VVD Lovren Robertson

Henderson AOC Milner

Salah Firmino Mane

No surprises at the front or back, and I think Gomez let himself down a bit today. Definitely didn't do enough to challenge TAA for RB slot. And as for Moreno vs Robertson... I just hope we finally sell him at the end of the season.

I think AOC played himself into Tuesday's midfield ahead of Gini today. Milner's CL assists record puts him in, and Hendo at the 6.

Hope that Karius' shaky performance today was down to the unfamiliar back line, and that he will be back to his relatively-solid form of late when the usual 4 line up in front of him.
Good them vids CR, cheers.

So, WBA away. Usual shîtshow where we drop points, especially if we (ridiculously) rest players?

I dislike the overconfident approach of a certain type of fan. At least two more wins required to secure top 4 and I would like third nailed down. Roma is a different match, beat the team in front of you Saturday first.
I'm like a really miserable Nostradamus ere.
Whenever Moreno gets picked, we deserve everything we utter, utter liability. We were lucky to come away with a draw with that back 4 :)
Best of luck to the Red Men today. I'm not normally sad enough to wear my Liverpool shirt while watching the game on TV, but I will make an exception for the next two, hopefully three European games. Fingers and toes crossed!
I am super happy, just managed to get a couple tickets for the ICC preseason game in Charlotte in July against Borussia Dortmund. We went to see the red men play in Baltimore 3 or 4 years ago, but Charlotte is a lot nearer, about a 3 hour drive. Splendid. Weekend on the piss and watch the boys play.

Dunno if I'll have any nails left by then :)
No great surprises here, but glad to see AOC starting:

Right, point me to the Mosque. It's time to convert. Get in the net!!

Mane.... take note of how it's done.

Edit..... I'm growing a beard just watching that!
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Four more to match Rushie's all time Liverpool record. Home games against Stoke and Brighton to come.

I reckon that he could be looking at 50 for the season.
Rushie`s smile after Salah`s second nearly blinded me here in Newcastle!

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