The truth at last - You all love Liverpool FC

My God, I can't imagine the atmosphere on the Kop next week!
Who have Liverpool got tomorrow in the FA Cup?
Adrian Chiles questioned if it was insulting to Muslim Liverpool supporters during his show on Radio 5 yesterday morning until one phoned in and killed the argument.
Chiles gets right on my nerves even when he doesn't open his mouth. Berk shouldn't be allowed within 100 miles of a mic.
Interesting that there's only one player from the last few years there - Suarez (ie the only one in a Standard Chartered shirt). Also, the only black player is John Barnes.

No room for the present manager, I guess he'll have to win something :)

Where's Emlyn Hughes? Front rank between Fowler & Rush? Can't make up my mind if that is Roger Hunt, or if Roger is next to Stevie G.

Edited to add: answers are here:

Legends Of Anfield Painting :: Liverpool FC Legends :: 96 Players & 10 Managers/Officals
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'Although we have tried for f*cking weeks instead of admitting it was all bollocks ages ago'

Now everyone knows how to get away with it if they ever fancy putting an opponent's career and the safety of fans at risk by launching someone into the crowd...
Holgate is a Thug, typical of so many of Everton's products in rececent years. Didn't like getting outfought and then heard what he wanted to hear. Should have been the one getting punished for the push and manhandling the Ref after.

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