The truth at last - You all love Liverpool FC

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by CAARPS, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. dont think so fella.
  2. Absolutely nothing to do with the Champions League win though. You're just all dead ace. I wonder how the outcome of that poll would differ if Middlesborough had won the UEFA cup, or indeed if Arsenal had won this seasons Champion's League Final? I think it's a case of "I'm not a glory hunter, but if I was....."
  3. I agree :D
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  4. well i love liverpool, i'm not afraid to admit it :)
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  5. I should grudgingly add that they're definitely one of the teams I currently admire most in the Premiership, but they are also one of the most smug. A little humility in a fan is never a bad thing once in a while.
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  6. I hate the murdering red sh1te cvnts who play at analfield


    I think not knobhead!!
  8. I'm a Villa fan - wounder I know - and if I had a second team it'd be Everton not firkin Liverpool, I hate glory hunting supporters.
  9. As a Hammers fan, therefore one who appreciates honest, entertaining football and one who has always been proud to be associated with a club that encourages both player and fan loyalty I can relate to Liverpool FC. They are, IMHO, the secind greatest English football club in my lifetime.

    Set their amazing achievements aside, a true fan of the game can only admire what LFC are about. The names Shankley and Paisley simply conjure up magic and it was players (where do I start?) under them that put English football on the modern map. The fans are great and support them throught thick and thin. Watching them on TV in during the 70s and 80s when they were Kings of Europe along with Nottingham Forrest, those Europen nights were special. The Kop in full voice, "You'll Never Walk Alone", the best footie terrace anthem by far, makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand on end even now.

    And 3-0 down to win the Champions League. No one shouted and cheered louder than me as they came back, 0-3, 1-3, 2-3, 3-3....f'kin' 'eck!

    So you can keep your Roman Abramaviche's (spelling) and his billions. They could win the Premiership 10 more times but they will not be revered like Liverpool, Man Utd or Arsenal....

    Yep, Liverpool FC is my second fave' team based on their passion rather than their success....

  10. My shite list (in no particular order):


    Shut it, you all support shite teams. I bet you don't even like cricket. You are probably french.
  11. Hello Dale, long time no hear. For you my darling, a beautiful red rose....

    P.S. What the fcuk are you on about anyway? :wink:

  12. Red tw*t. You're right cricket is feckin toss but it's all baltis and talibrum round here not garlic and onions.
  13. Yes heres my hate list and again in no particular order

    1. Liverpool FC
    2. The Kop
    3. Jimmy Tarbuck


  14. Hello everyone. If I may answer in turn

    Freedom – stop being in denial Fella :D

    Skintboy – Life is all about “what ifs” 8O

    Butler & CR – Great minds!!!!!!

    Scouse mech – Well done, typical of a blue nose to lower the tone on a light hearted bit of banter

    Trelawney – Cornish Evertonian, Enough said, and thanks for the compliment

    Straight Jacket – my condolences (seriously though, with O’Niel you must be optimistic for a European place) :wink:

    Doomand gloom – Not surprised that a West ham supporter (football the right way) can cut through the Crap and appreciate what its all about

    Dale – considered answer as usual :roll:

    I await with baited breath you considered responses