The truth about the Welsh!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Rude b@stards
  2. Is the pope catholic?
  3. Anyone who doesn't like the English is OK by me :)

    And BTY they can field a good rugby team.
  4. Thank God for the Irish and Scots.
  5. It depends on where in Wales you are talking about. North Wales - full of Scouse immigrants claiming benefits so hate everyone anyway. Central Wales - they are only rude to you because you aren't a sheep. South Wales - Swansea and the valllleeeees, they hate everyone who doesnt live there but only because you aren't related to them. Cardiff - can be nice except when the locals are p*ssed or there's a match at the stadium.
  6. To be honest (as a proud welshman exiled in Surrey) I think the whole drive to make welsh the first languague in Wales, the welsh assembly etc is driving a huge wedge between Wales and England.

    A friend of mine is a welsh politican and refers to the assembly as "The Palace of Political Pygmies" and it makes the country inward looking not outward.

    However I am sure that the nats will be cozying up to Brussels in an attempt to get funding, which they will get as it brings the break up of the UK (surely a precondition of the EU being a success) that much closer.

    All part of the same plan.

  7. Out of interest Trotsky are you a Welsh speaker? It's just that iv'e found those who most oppose Welsh language are Welsh people who cannot speak it. This is only my experience btw.

    Also its an age thing, that is older generations are more opposed to Welsh being pushed forward. Generations of having the Welsh language being treated like a second class language has done the damage. Again my experience but not uncommon.

    Also bit of an urban myth about ppl changing from English to Welsh when English person turns up. In fact the opposite is true.
  8. Humm ---- No sad, grumpy, or rude people in England?
    I am Welsh,---- and i love you all !! :D :D
  9. I've never had any problems myself. I often wonder about Wales on the mountains and what not. Admittedly I stay away from the Cities, the only drama I've had was in Springfield, because half the pub was coked up.

    As for all of this 'assembly' b0llocks. We need to stop it, now. If neccesary move the parliment to Birmingham or something, or enable a greater access of the parliment by those of us who live outside of the M25, and stop all this nonsense of a divided UK.

    Speaking as an Englishman and a Britain, who believes the whole is greater than the sum.
  10. Have to agree with you chocolatefrog, in my work I've always enjoyed the friendliness shown to me by the Welsh, never had a bad word said to me in many years of being in and out of their lovely land.

    As for all this independence crap, it's the same up here with that pie eating,curry monster, Alex salmond, Britain should stay United. end of.
  11. No I don't speak Welsh. I don't have any objections to those who do but I feel that its a distraction from reality, English being the nations language. Also I object to the fascism of the welsh language brigade. An ex girl friend of mine, being English in a welsh medium primary school in the 70's used to have to piss herself as she was not allowed to use the toilet unless she spoke in welsh. Another told me they used German text books for science as they wern't available in welsh (don't know how true that is but in North wales frankly it wouldn't surprise me).

    My Mother speaks English with a South Kensington accent and Welsh. She has interesting tales to tell of what is said about her when she comes into shops in Welsh speaking areas as does a Black mate of a mate who grew up speaking Welsh in North Wales.

    (I agree its a myth about people turning to welsh when the english come in. To be fair they were probably speaking in welsh all along, which is fair enough.)

    When I wanted a student grant my call to the council was answered by people who were whispering "he sounds very English"... no surprise I didn't get one.

    I have never worked in Wales as I feel that my non local accent would lead to me being discriminated against especially as speaking welsh seems to be a prerequiste to advancement now.

    When I was two or three the nats vandalised the street sign at the end of our road because it was in English. I have objected to them ever since. When I go home the announcements on the station are in welsh first and then English, the road signs are in two languagues Cardiff has become unrecognisable in the last 15 years.... its a rather expensive nonsense.

    I believe that new arrivals in this country should learn to speak English. I certainly expect that the national life of this country should be conducted in English and only English. Outside Central Wales welsh is an artificial survivor best left in the hands of hobbyists....... but I did like Telephant when I was a kid!

  12. Well said Trotsky. Don't mind everyone who wants to learn Welsh learning it, but to make it compulsory.

    May 1980, Mushie, Paggers and DM go out for a beer from Sennybridge. Turn right at the main road instead of our usual left, progress for a few miles and turn into little country type pub. We pause in the hall partly to read the parish notices and partly so that myself and Paggers, good Yorkshiremen that we are, could let DM to the bar to get the first round in. We could hear people talking in English.

    We walked in and the four old chaps in there did switch to Welsh.

    To everyones surprise DM ordered the beers in Welsh. The locals reverted to English.

    I'm not saying it happens all the time but it certainly happened to me.

    Oh and DM the sneaky sod, spoke unaccented English because he was a pad brat. At home his parents spoke in welsh.
  13. No dramas with the Welsh language being spoken or learnt. Nor a Cornish language (even a Mercian one (for those who remember my Mercian Nationalist Party :D ).

    In the same vein as I have no dramas with immigrants speaking, or learning, their national tongue.

    As long as English is the primary language on road signs, documents and what not. And is the primary language that ALL children learn.

    There is little point learning a language that is only spoken in Wales and selected areas of Argentina. English is now, also, the universal language of business, travel etc. So why fight it?

    It is only beaten by Mandarin as the most spoken first langauge, probably because there are a BILLION Chinese in China :)