The truth about the SAS



Is it's a great airline with a lot of blonde cabin staff :D

Let's see how many hits this gets in an hour.
They transport thousands of patients to Scottish hospitals every month...
I tried to think of a witty reply but all i can say is that you must have better ways to spend an hour either that or you are really really bored.
Braathens, formerly S.A.F.E Braathens is now part of the SAS group.
Also you can fly return to Bergen from Gatwick for £120, on flights Bu595/596. You can fly cheaper with Ryan Air to Haugesand but after 2 ferry trips and a couple of toll bridges to Bergen, the price is the same .



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Well shot Sir!
All Bollox.

The SAS is, as you all know, Henno's regt and thus it is the unit where most walts wish they were, instead of in the Alf Garnet's Commandoes or the cadets or harassing me at the bar!!!

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