The truth about QLR

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FLLnurse, May 4, 2004.

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  1. Top boy! Bloody shame.
  2. Hear hear. Top troop. May he rest in peace.
  3. Only one of twenty-one to be recognised last week for their bravery and professionalism last year.

    Thought I'd stand up and say to any QLR listening out there I for one support you guys. The men who distingished themselves in combat last year. Not the cowards who made those photos!
  4. With people like that as examples to the men of the Bn, it makes the accusations in the press even harder to believe. A shame that such shining stars are taken so early.

    Maybe someone should point that idiot Lekta to the link? It may clarify things for him.
  5. He sounds like he was a top person, it is a shame that he was taken so early in his short life. My thoughts are with his family.
  6. Sentiments we can all agree with!
  7. only the good die young
  8. Seeing the proffessionalism exhibited by this WO2, it makes the "photos" seem less credable.

    However as seen before when the press get their teeth into something that will sell, then off they go. Also some red-tops have a burning agenda to ridicule and target the forces at every opportunity.

    Hopefully this will make the public see that "we" are professionals who can be trusted and that these photos are begining to look more and more dubious!
  9. Hear hear to the above.
  10. condolances to the family.

    unfortunately good news won't sell papers.
    a soldier doing the Army proud and following/encouraging it's highest traditions will not improve circulation figures.

    The fact that there is such an outcry is a backhanded compliment to the Army that says that people don't expect the story to be true.

    WO2 CSM Daniel Leigh MC has shown that the traditions of excellance are still there,
    the morgan led Mirror just chooses to ignore that.
  11. Lets get something going for Piers Morgan.

    How's about treason for one!
  12. The likes of Piers Morgan would not fill the front page of a national newspaper with the exploits of guys like this man as an example of the British Army at its best.

    Instead he would try his damnest to portray the army as a bunch of brutal numbskulls engaged in a war that his newspaper was against from the word go.

    It is a crying shame that this mans passing has gone almost unnoticed by Joe Public due to the dark cloud that Morgan has pulled over the QLR and the army in general with the publishing of "those" photographs.

    If they are proved to be false Morgan should be tied to a Gun Limber on the QLR,s Parade Square and given a swift kick in the bollocks by everyman in the Battalion, er and the famlies.

    He can then publish the photos of that little event if he wants...

    As a footnote those of you that know me are aware that the "Arab" world is my little area of operations. Rest assured regardless of what you hear on the news or read in the rags. Most Arabs dont think the pickies are real either.
  13. Devastated, but not suprised the Sar Major got an MC.

    I met him a couple of times out there and he was everything one could expect in a British Army Sar Major. He had a brilliant sense of humour and was larger than life. Saved my arrse one day from a messy situation and so I owed him. Pity that I will never get the chance to buy him a beer.

    He was on the front cover of Soldier back in Sep 2003 in PO kit.

    An edition of the Basrah Rose also has a brillant cartoon about him dressing down a squaddie, made me laugh.

    We've lost a good'un