The Truth About Mr. Vick the American Football Star and Felon

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jan 3, 2011.

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  1. JJH:

    Thanks for the reminder. It bothers me that this scumbag is making millions playing football. What is even worse is that kids look up to athletes and some will regard Vicks as a role model.

  2. Indeed so and it certainly did not help when He (the Nobel Laureate mind you) deigned to call Mr. Vick to give him even more "celebrity."

    For those needing more details of this depraved street thug :


    Note the statements of the investigator: Animal Legal Defense Fund : Animal Fighting Case Study: Michael Vick
  3. I normally don't wish anyone harm but I make an exception for Vick. I hope someone kicks his ass, breaks his fingers or even his neck or back. He had a entire room dedicated to torturing his dogs. Sorry, but 19 months in jail was not enough punishment for what he did. Perhaps subjecting him to the same kind of treatment he gave to the dogs might give him a clue as to how much pain he inflicted. Wonder how people would be reacting if he wasn't doing so well in the NFL right now. I love watching the NFL but never this jerk. I guess as usual, it all comes down to money.

    I was really happy when Obama was elected (even though I am Canadian) and used to respect him. However I am having serious second thoughts. Nobel Peace winner? I don't think so. Now Presidential support for a felon who was convicted of torturing and killing dogs? You might as well say we should give second chances to kiddy fiddlers and cheer them on. Yes I know there are worst things that happen in the world than torturing and killing dogs but this kind of pandering to Obama's "devoted" masses was not necessary nor wise.

    O.K. I say again. Someone please kick his ass or take him around the back and knee cap him.

    MVP my ass. Here is another take on Obama and Vick.

    When the President Calls About the Vick Dogs | The Best Friends Blog
  4. The "importance" of some professional "sports" (primarily basketball and football) and those invloved who are literally idolized in spite of (and among some segments of our society actually because of!) their depraved thuggery is to me another parallel between "modern" America (and perhaps some other nations as well) and declining Rome.

    In Rome, the increasingly self absorbed and lazy people were distracted by "games" in the Coliseum and other arenas provided and encouraged by their rulers who were engaged in various intrigues as they "progressively" dismantled their republic and replaced it with a totalitarian government. I suppose there is great wisdom in the admonition of the ancients that if we fail to understand our history we are doomed to repeat it.
  5. I read that the difference between gladitorial contests (some against exotic animals and gladiators , I think they were called Bestiarii) and say, bullfights today, is that in the colesseum should the animal win, or fight long and hard, often it was released, wheras in straighforward animal torturing of course the animal is doomed as soon as it enters the arena.Im not sure direct comparisons are valid JJh.

    This Vicks guy sounds despicable.However, his money and influence have bought him the best lawyers for this type of case.And its obvious more people want to pay him than hang him. The Buck is not dead ! long live the Buck !!
  6. Stay with me here, DP. I said it was a "parallel" that does not mean direct in the sense you mean. As I have tried, still in vain, apparently, to explain, my fascination and concern is with the overall direction of the US (and to varying degrees and in various ways the "west" in general) in terms of its prevailing philosophies, mores, practices and policies. I think it is worthwhile to not only assess what is actually happening and has happened in the "recent" past, but also (in similar fashion to the way I approach all the hot air--see what I did there--over "climate change") where one must look at it in the broader context of history and the rhythms and "tidal" changes in "civilization" over the centuries. And to anticipate some other posters' comments. my belief as to how many of those centuries there have been does differ from theirs! ;-)
  7. Eighteen months, in the only western nation with capital punishment & the highest per-capita prison population, virtual head shaking.

    I do so hope that this individual (I refuse to call him sportsman) is under constant observation, as it is well known that animal abusers may well go on to abuse people.

    It's a pity that LT has retired, I do so hope that some seriously large linebackers repeatedly sack his arrse, very painfully.
  8. You and I are fellow travelers in this regard. If I were King even for just one day........
  9. Without lubrication. Or protection.

    I sincerely hope there is a special circle of Hell reserved for scum like this. Torturing a helpless animal is only slightly less disgusting than doing the same thing to a human. And as others have pointed out, animal cruelty is a good indication of a potentially lethal pathology; many serial killers began their "careers" by torturing and killing animals.

    The man is scum, and I hope something both painful and fatal happens to him very soon. As for best it's poor judgement. And I'm being charitable.
  10. ]
    I have to disagree with some thing fatal happening to him, I want the bastard to suffer for a long time, as for Obama, I have to agree, being charitable, it's piss poor judgement in this case.

    Sorry about the fcukup WW, I can't seem to get it to quote in chunks, if someone could edit it that way, I'd be most obliged.
  11. Good. The bastard deserved everything he got. I'm torn between wanting him to continue to suffer and thinking it's a pity Ben did'nt finish the job...
  12. They had some fund raising appeals for McClellan after the fight. Curiously, his treatment of animals wasn't mentioned then!
  13. Same with Vick now he is a "star" once again. Money talks louder than the cries of animals being tortured. Things like this make me wonder if America is worth saving from the car wreck ahead when so many people can be so easily distracted by the hype of professional "sports."