The truth about immigration: Citizenships fall by 35,000

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Booty, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. It's not the numbers that are "now decreasing" that most folk are concerned about, it's the numbers allready here!
  2. So tell me - why are they concerned about those that are here?
  3. TRY not admitting to the truth about immigration,or have you not been following another thread on this subject? New immigrants,votes for Liarbour etc!
  4. When 10,000 people parade through London, threatening indiscriminate slaughter because of cartoons in a Danish newspaper, it seems quite rational to think that we have allowed some of the wrong type of immigrants to settle here.
  5. And the number of ILLEGAL imigrants who were NOT granted citizenship but decided to stay here ANYWAY is?

    In your own time... :roll:
  6. Which myths? That Labour have let in over 3 million immigrants since 1997, or that over 10% of the population are now immigrants?

    I'm not a Daily Mail reader by any stretch of the imagination - but who's propaganda are you pedaling?
  7. So they were all immigrant were they, and they all called for slaughter did they?

  8. You can link to the fact that 10% of our countrymen were born in another country can you?

    And how many of the three million that came in, went out again?
  9. You have figures that can be substantiated WW?
  10. Try the Labour admits conspiracy for mass immigration thread,and stop acting like ashie
  11. I doubt that they where all immigrants. They where almost entirely here because of immigration though, and the vast majority of them where threatening violence.
  12. We were nearly all here because of immigration Sticky.
  13. What on earth has that got to do with illegal immigrants?
  14. Simple, under liarbour NONE, they are all one and the same,votes,for the party,sooner or later!