The "truth" about Hitler,and "that" song

Bigdishything said:
Well he did lose out on those potentially lucrative redevelopment contracts in Russia and France. :)
And property prices in Berlin took a bit of a dive in '45, following a hostile takeover bid by J Stalin & Co. :D
Of course not. That's just a myth and you've taken it out of context BB.

They sang about him working for Lloyds...

You have to remember the words,

"Hitler... He worked for Lloyds the bank.... On money.... He liked to w^nk, w^nk, w^nk"

8O :? Okay, I've just realised what a sad, sad old fcuker I am..... :roll:

Hat, coat, taxi, etc, etc.... :oops:
I know the one:-

"Hitler - he only owned one mall
Goering - owned two but very small
'Immler - owned something similar
But poor old Goeblbes owned no malls at all"
The original theme was much more interesting ... but this subject has been hotly debated for 60 years now, with claim/counter-claim ad infinitum. My own belief is that he had a full set. Why? Because Little Eva, being a Frau, would have been unable to keep as juicy a secret as that from her girlfriends, and it would have been all over Germany even before the war. AFAIK there is no evidence to suggest that it was (open to correction, as ever).


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"Nazi leader Hitler really did have only one ball". I think its helpful of the Torygraph to clarify which 'Hitler' they are referring to.
My Cockney Granddad used to sing that and other such stuff when I was a kid. And he should know, like many he stood up to the Nazi fcuker toe to toe and kicked him in the only good one. Well done Granddad. R.I.P.

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